Tuesday, November 1, 2011

October 3, 2011

i am glad to hear that everything is going well there and sounds like the weather is cooling down and going to skip fall and go right to snowing, yikes!!!! wow that is crazy how fast things are changing, it is gloomy outside today. my comp and i were going to go to the part of our area called la capuera and make mud art with a hippie family that we contacted the other day. they are the most amazing family, you would appreciate their views a ton. they actually live in a mud house and for a living make mud art that they bake and make into pottery type things. everything they have in their house is made of hardened mud, even their oven. they have two little children and live completely with nature, there is a part of me that just wants to escape the world many times and live like they do. there really isnt any feeling quite like being in the middle of nature without the hussle and commotion of the world around. i am a bit jealous everytime we go to visit them. the dad, leo and i got talking about you mom and all the health problems you have. he is really into natural medicine and said the most pure environment you can live in is a mud house like theirs.... dont know what your view on that would be but hey haha. they said that the house actually contracts and expands depending on the climate, like it breathes on its own. he told me to bring you here to live in the second mudd hut they are building, i told them uruguay was too humid for you, they said they will come to the states with me and build you your own mud hut... haha, como le parece??? so i will be coming home with my hippie family friends, do we have room for 4 more and a mud hut in the backyard, haha.

well things are going really good, its like you said dad, time is flying, i am trying not to think about it though, it gives me too many confusing emotions. so for now i will put that on the back burner until i really have to deal with it. did i ever tell you that my companion looks exactly like rachel isham, she is like the 24 year old version of what i imagine rach to look like now instead of when we were little girls. crazy. oh and jared i told the family we are teaching what you said about the pic of their son, they laughed, i think you are adopted from guay too, sorry charlie. you should scan and send me a pic of you when you were little so i can show it to them. speaking of their family, hector and laura are their names. they are an incredible family that we have been teaching. he plays soccer professionally and she stays at home with luciano, their 3 year old son. they have been the most amazing people to work with, just a little while ago hector told us that they desire to have in their lives what we are sharing with them, and doesnt care what anyone else says, that they can laugh and mock them but that he knows in his heart how the message is changing them. he is ready to even give up things like his crazy soccer schedule to put his prioritys straight in his life. things were not going well between him and laura but since we started visiting them and leaving them with things to do to strengthen their relationship with eachother, God, and Christ, they have noticed a dramatic change. the past few weeks their son luciano has been really sick and hospitalized and then band to leave the house, with an iv in his arm and everything. we were able to go over with a couple from our branch and luciano recieved what is called a blessing of health. the next day i asked laura how he was doing and she was overwhelmed, luciano had made great strides after being extremely sick for over a week. they are a couple with great faith and that is why the blessing was able to help their son. reminded me of something i was reading while i studied this week that talked about the blessings that are promised to us and that we can receive, depending on our faith and that we do not cast out their chances with fear and unbelief.

yesterday and saturday we had general conference so i was able to see the good old slc on tv.... looks like they were kind of gloomy days there huh?? i love utah, never realized it until being here but it is SO beautiful, i really do love it. but anyway it was a great spiritual upliftment and there were many words said that i needed to hear, that were answers to my prayers. i definitely know that God´s greatest tool to answering my prayers is almost always through other people. well the greatest blessing and part of the whole thing is that to watch it in english, we had to come to maldonado, my old area so i was able to see tons of people from my old ward here. i thought people wouldnt remember me, but i was definitely wrong, i received so much love and hugs i could barely believe it. i thought i was just a new missionary that really had nothing to give, just a broken spanish accent and a silent smile much of the time, but God puts us where he needs us. it was so great to talk to all the members and actually understand this time haha, and see how their lives are. the greatest blessing i received yesterday was in a little yellow box. i saw richard and paola calamaris, they are a family that is quite possibly one of the closest to my heart in all of uruguay, i was able to teach and baptize them and their children in maldonado with hermana thompson. i saw them and ran to say hi and give paola a hug and then richard told me, damian (thier son) had something he had told richard to give to me. so he pulled out a little yellow box, i was a bit confused, i knew it was a jewelry box. then i opened it and there were two gage earrings that he had worn since we taught him. i would always tell him how he needed to take them out, it almost turned into a joke, it was impossible. he took them out for a bit after he was baptized and then put them back. he gave them to me to tell me that he is taking them out for good.... to prepare to go on a mission in a little over a year. my heart had one of its happiest moments in my time here. i got to see damian later that night and could barely keep it under control i was so happy for him. oh and also paola and richard are having another baby!!! and if it is a girl, they are going to name her jessica nichole, mine and my companions names, how cool is that??

well so my week was wonderful as i look back on it, i feel that the adversary is trying to pull me down a bit and make me weak in this last little while that i have, i cannot let him though, i know there are still great things to be done. next week i want to tell you about an amazing man named wilson that we are teaching, and i will, but i am out of time for now. i love you ever so much and am so happy to call you my family. here is a scripture that i love and wanted to share with you, in my search for being a more patient person, the scriptures have brought a ton of light to the subject ¨ye are not able to abide in the presence of God now, neither the ministering of angels; wherefore continue in patience until ye are perfected¨

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