Tuesday, October 4, 2011

September 5, 2011

well lets see, its been a good week, we have some really amazing people that we are teaching. rosana and daniel are doing really well and everyone in the branch just treats them so well, it makes me really happy to see everyone take them in and take care of them so well, its like they have been going for years. this week on wednesday we had a mission ward activity.... really i think thats how you say it in english, i dont know what it translates to because i have never used the term at home..... i am losing so many english words in translation and my english vocabulary seems to get smaller and smaller by the day. anyway it was really great, my comp and i gave a lesson on the impact one person can have on everyone else, especially when sharing the gospel. we did a mini activity with dominos and had everyone come up and place a domino and share an idea as to how to share the gospel. it was amazing to see what some people in this tiny branch are already doing to reach out to others, they had so many great ideas. well then the activity after was karaoke. my comp and i decided to do a special number............ we thought it was hillerious, and it was hillerious. ah i cant really explain it, i will show you a video i took of it when i get home but we painted faces on our chins and flipped upside down so our chins looked like the faces with reversed mouths. then lip sung to a song called party in the usa........... they didnt quite think it was as funny as we did but oh well. okay i am really bad at expaining, i will just have to show you what it is, my comp is sitting next to me telling me that we will just have to do it for you some time. there were actually quite a few people there actually, well about 20 or 25 which is really good for here.

anyway cool story. this woman we were teaching, yudit, the one i told you was came to church and then moved to another department of the country with her daughter because she found out her husbund was having an affair, that one, okay so she had given us the reference of her aunt. she didnt know her aunts name, i know funny right, but everyone calles eachother by nicknames and many times never know their real names, like negrita is what they called her, thats a really common one, some people called me their negrita in melo and all i though was what the heck, i am as pale as it gets, why are they calling me their little black one, come to found out its a compliment to have that nickname, not sure why but oh well. anyway so negra or negrita, yudits aunt........... so yudit had given  us one address and we went back again and again and again four times i believe and there was no one there ever so we had stopping trying to go again until a woman in the branch gave us the address of a woman named elba that lived close to that addresss. she had sat next to her on the bus the other day and they started talking and she shared a bit of the gospel with her and then asked if we could come visit her and the woman, elba, agreed. she had lost her husbund about a month ago just like yudits aunt and lived close to the address and we thought that was a bit weird so the next day we decided to try to go to ¨negrita¨ again and this new woman elba. so we went to elbas address and walked in and elba immediately started talking about how we were yudit, her nieces, friends. turns out this was the same woman, yudits aunt that we couldnt find, and elba, whom a woman from our branch talked to on the bus. she was a wonderful woman and really open to our message and looking for peace and assurance in her life, especially with the recent death of her husbund. crazy how God works sometimes, he knew we didnt have the right address for her so he put someone else in her path who could connect us with her.

things with the branch here are looking up, it was filled with people yesterday which made us super happy to see. many are getting more motivated to help us and we are trying to move toward helping the members do the finding, and us do the teaching..... not easy, but step by step we are going to get there. it is going to take a long time but i just hope to leave this area much better than i found it so that the next missionaries have a smooth take over and members that are motivated to help them do missionary work.

well my sweet family, i love you ever so much..... have i told you that lately??? hahaha but really i do, i am so greatful for you and all that you have done, and continue to do for me. thank you. i love you to the moon and back, be safe and healthy. much love always- your jess

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