Tuesday, November 1, 2011

October 31, 2011

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!! ahhh i am jealous you get to see all the cute trick or treaters out tonight!!!! i wonder if we will suprise anyone tonight, maybe they will offer us candy........ maybe.......... haha. well halloween isnt very big here, they are just getting started. i think i told you last year but pretty much the only costumes they have figured out so far are a witch for girls and a devil or skeleton for boys....... a bit boring, but they will catch on one day. i havent seen anyone dressed up all day. last year hna thompson and i dressed up like eachother and wore eachothers clothes and nametags....... we had to do something to celebrate. but this year is another low key halloween.  its been a year and a half already, time is flying. everyone here talks about it, they all predict my future and make bets. they are all calling dibs on my clothes and belongings, it is making it real and a bit more scary. just trying not to think about it.

well hey, its been another week, another good week. i have never slept so good in my life, i sleep like a rock about five seconds after i put my head on the pillow. at the same time i have never been so tired, i feel like i could sleep for days straight, but at the same time its the most rewarding feeling. i have been having the worst stress dreams about getting everything left perfect here, i feel like i could go and go and go, and i know that there will always be more to do and that is why they put new missionaries in but i just want to get everything done. i guess i just have to do the best i can and then put my trust in God and those who come after to take care of things. we have an amazing family that we are teaching, their names are silvia and julio and have four kids laura, lauro (odd i know), julia, and evangelina. they have come to church the past couple of sundays and are doing great. julio was smoking and drinking a lot and without us saying anything quit cold turkey from one day to the next. you should have seen him yesterday, he is 63 but looks at least 75 from all the smoking, he came to church in a white button up shirt, with his hair parted and looked great. he is usually really rough looking so it was a drastic change. we had a lesson with them last night and he told us the story of how back, quite a while ago, he killed a police officer, he has had a rough past. you can just see it in him, he has such a great desire to be completely forgiven of what he did and is putting forth a full effort to show his desire to Heavenly Father. right now we are trying to figure out how to get him and silvia married. we have to get a certificate of divorce from his last wife and that is proving to be really complicated. things here are way behind so it takes a lot more time to figure out how to get things like that done. we went to some government office this afternoon and they gave us a bit of a run around, but we are going to work with what we have and see what we can do. it might not get done before i leave, but i pray it does.

we had an interesting lunch this week, i have no idea how the conversation came up but they started talking about lice. i am not sure you are really going to want to hear this conversation, i am just so used to it that it doesnt even phase me anymore, but this was nuts. this hermana was telling us how they all have lice and can never get rid of them but how they are especially bad with her 5 year old sone. she said one day she sat there and pulled out over 300 lice from his hair, i was itching all over just hearing it. my comp then said when they were little her parents would have her and her brothers and sisters stand in a line and pull lice out of eachothers hair. my head is itching just typing this, i made my comp check me that night. she said i am good. whew........... but still i am going to lice bath my head before leaving so no worries.

we found another new family to teach as well....... they are amazing!!! we found them with my old comp but have been teaching them several times a week with hna rojas and they have done a 180 in just two weeks. they are completing with everything that we leave with them to do. their names are veronica and miguel and have 6 kids between the two of them, only the youngest is theirs together. they are super sweet, its been amazing especially to see miguel open up, he didnt have any interest at first but now just gabs the entire time and is always really engaged. 

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