Tuesday, July 20, 2010

July 18, 2010

its me again.... how goes it?? anyway ready for the real breakdown?? well here it goes, i am supposed to tell you the good and the bad so get ready for it, this has been quite the adventure in only one week. the bad isnt bad it is all a wonderful experience, just very very very different than i ever expected, i guess that is the point though because i really didnt know what to expect haha. my first impression walking into my house was, wow i have no idea how this is going to work. our house is about the size of our old living room and it is supposably the nicest of all the missionaries houses in this zone. its hard to describe other than what you would presume as an abandoned house back home, that would be about it. i will definitely take plenty of pictures. there is no such thing as heating or air conditioning so many people have fire places, we dont but its all good. the zone leaders brought me extra blankets the first night luckily, and even with them it is freezing. i wear two pairs of pants, socks, slippers, a long sleeve shirt, two sweaters and gloves to bed and completely cover my body and would curl up in a ball like a baby. my companion and i were at a members house the other night and saw that he had a bolsa or a hot water bottle in the kitchen and frantically searched for them the rest of the night before we went in. we found them, bought four, and i dont think i have ever been so greatful for a two dollar hot water bottle before, i sleep like a baby now. so anyway wow i just have to laugh every morning becasue this is such an amazing crazy experience. i wake up to a rooster every morning at about 5 and think of poppy, im guessing you used to do the same in your farm days. My first couple times showering was with buckets because our shower didnt work which was really interesting. i got my first real shower yesterday..... yummmm never did i ever think i would appreciate a shower so much either. my shampoo is frozen in the bottles and in between washing my hair and such i have to turn off the water so i dont use all the water at once, i am so greatful to have just enough hot water to take a nice shower every few days hahaha oh boy what an awesome adventure. we have to hand wash our clothes as well which will be interesting, havent done it yet because i had to go to Montevideo today with the rest of the new missionaries for a dr appt for my temporary Uruguay residency, it was wonderful to see my old comp and all the elders from my old district, i miss them a ton. anyway i want to fill you with some more fun facts to give you a visual. the people are wonderful here, i love them so much, Heavenly Father couldnt have put me in a more loving atmosphere. thats not to say that some people arent totally raunchy, but the wonderful people that we encounter makes up for the not so nice ones. i know i am totally skipping around but i am just spilling my thoughts as they come to me. Most people just walk everywhere like us, but some have motorcycles and it is crazy, it is reallly common to see a family of five on a motorcycle at once, dad driving, mom on back and three kids in the middle. scary. the food here is awesome thus far, good news, i havent gained any weight haha. we dont really eat dinner because we are out working through dinner. usually members will feed us lunch at their houses or bring it to our house. the members of the church here are wonderful too. everyone greets eachother and says goodbye with a hug and a kiss on the cheek, we can only do this with the women but it is so fun and really makes me feel so loved even when i dont understand a thing that is going on.

ahhhhhhh i have so much to tell you but dont have a ton of time!! well i will tell you a little something from tonight at a lesson we were just barely at. we dont have a ton of people to teach right now so we are looking for them but there is a sweet woman named andrea and her three kids that we teach. their kids remind me of my murdock girlies, all about the same age and i just soak up the time i have with them. they love playing with all of my stuff and always say " usted tiene muchas lindas cosas de Estados Unidos!!" they think all of my things are so cool like my electronic dictionary and my striped umbrella. thier house is like all others, cement and completely run down, i really had no idea people could live like this but they are the most wonderful humble people ever. they never complain of what they lack or about money. they appreciate every little thing. i gave them each a quarter from the states and they were in awe. anyway so Andrea was baptised a bit ago and had a chance a few days ago to go to the temple with the ward for a temple visit. there is no way to describe the change in her countenance from when we taught her last a few days ago to now. she was talking about how much new peace and happiness she felt in her life from this visit and was so excited to go again. she was 100 times more excited and attentive in our lesson tonight than she has ever been. her oldest daughter alexandra is 9 and wants to follow the example of the Savior and be baptised but is afraid of water... cute huh... so we taught her the story of David and Galliath and how she can overcome her own personal Galliath´s through Christ. Man oh man i love them. anyway i could talk for hours and have so much more to tell but it is my comps turn to write. i love you to the moon and back a million times!! look forward to hearing from you soon! Love- Jess

July 13, 2010

I am now in Uruguay and oh my oh my, am I in for a huge change. Many different shocks at once but i will give you a run down so you can see just how the day went but first I have some new information for you. This is a bit of a change but the rules are actually a bit more tight here. I am only able to email my immediate family, meaning Jared I would really love it if you would continue to send out these emails to the list I gave you and please include Lori. I AM ONLY ALLOWED TO RECEIVE EMAILS FROM MY FAMILY AT THIS EMAIL ADDRESS... ALL OTHERS HAVE TO BE SENT TO: urumontemision@gmail.com and it needs to say HERMANA KUBLY in the subject line ( and yes that is only one s in mision) from here they will print them off and deliver them to me.... my companion just told me i need to type softer because the woman here at the tienda will get mad at me... oops. anyway so i guess this rule on mail is to help equality within the missionaries so those who get less mail and email do not feel bad, it will all work out, just a bit of a change, i will get to writing everyone back, it will take longer to get to you but i promise i will write you back. so please please pass on this email so that i can continue to abide by the rules, thank you tons for your love and help. i know it may seem a bit odd but it is all there for a reason. Oh and i get to write on Mondays, they are my preparation days so that will be your day to look forward to.

Anyways so we started our day at 4:40 this morning and got everything packed up and ready to go. It turns out they didnt allow enough time for all of us to check in and get to our gate so we were positive we were going to miss our flight, so one of the other hermanas and i ran ahead to the gate as soon as we got through customs and were amazed that they had delayed our flight 30 mins, just enough time to get the rest to the gate and take off. It was about a 40 minute flight and i had a nice little nap. we were picked up at the airport by the president and his wife and all of the missionaries that work in the presidents office. We all got on a big bus and headed for the mission home. When we got there we met with several other missionaries that we were to be assigned to later as our trainers. There was only 1 english speaking sister there out of the four so we knew one of the two of us that only speaks english was in for a big change. We went in and had interviews with the president after lunch, very short and sweet but i was able to tell him a little bit about you. Anyways a bit later after we filled out some paperwork and a letter that we wrote to ourselves to read after our missions we were assigned to our trainers. my companion went first and was assigned to the english speaking hermana so i knew i was in for a big change. my new companion is hermana alvarez and she is from quito, ecuador. i was thrilled to hear this because Beth was in this part of Ecuador working in orphanges for a while so i immediately felt a bond to her. she is amazingly sweet... and doesnt speak any english, but this will be so amazing for me to learn the language. every missionary that talked to me about her said that she is awesome and i can tell. anyways shortly after this we all got on a bus and headed to the big bus station where all the busses leave from and we all took off to our different areas from there. My area is call Maldonado and it is very close to Punta Del Este, but this is not in our area. It was about a two hour bus ride and our two zone leaders were with us on the bus, they were both awesome and so so happy to be here which made me hopeful since i have never been so overwhelmed in my life haha. Well we threw my bags in our room and are off to work after i send this off. It is freezing cold, and unfortunately we dont have heat and they gave me a very thin blanket... so i am hoping that and the little one i brought will do. looks like i will be bundling for bed, mittens and all. We are right close to the coast so there is a ton of humidity and it is raining right now.

Wow anyway thats pretty much it for now. We are off to work for the rest of the night. Mama i read your bookmark you gave me regularly and it will take on a new meaning everyday.... let faith replace fear.... I know that i now more than ever need to depend on the Lord to get me through. Cant wait to hear from you all and share this with you all, i love you all and am so greatful for your support and letters

Monday, July 12, 2010

July 8, 2010

hey hey famy-
guess what... you are probably getting sick of me doing the countdown but here it is... four days and i am off to the real deal. man am i excited. we leave on tuesday morning around 5 am... i am pumped. yesterday was our last full day of classes, today we have only one class left. tomorrow we have our ip´s or investigators all day, saturday proselyting, sunday church, monday packing and tests, and tuesday we are off off off!! so yes yes... here is my uruguay address for my mission home. you can send anything there, and i will also give you my address once i know where i am living.

Sister Jessica Lin Kubly
Uruguay Montevideo Mission
Horacio Quiroga 6350
11500 Montevideo Uruguay

Well i really dont have much to tell you this week. We went proselyting last Friday since Argentina was playing Germany in the world cup on Saturday (they lost by the way... no bueno... our teachers were not happy and we got the wrath... haha jk.) Its really crazy when they play in the games because we will be sitting in class studying and it is dead silent (all the teachers get to go into the president and his wife´s room and watch the game while we study haha) and all of a sudden you will just hear a roar of screaming and horns go off, not even in the building but in all of the neighborhoods that surround the building. you can literally count the score this way. we could tell that they lost because we didn´t hear much the entire time whereas with other games there would be guns and horns going off every so often. anyway so ya... back on topic. we went out friday and had a new area. it was quite different from our last area.
Love you Love you Love you! Ciao-Jess

July 1, 2010

I am sorry these are coming late, I have been out of town! Enjoy!-Beth


Wowowo we only have 11 days left here!!! So I would give my address but i guess i have to wait to see exactly where my first area is. I will give you the address of my mission home next week when i actually remember to bring my mission packet downstairs with me when i write, i always seem to forget.

Anyways it has been a great week so far, well at least last Saturday really made my week for me. We went out into Buenos Aires as we usually do on Saturdays and were really excited to have our appointments that we had made the other week. One of the women wasn´t home so we headed onto Nora´s house, that is the woman that has a ton of health problems with arthritis and such. We were expecting to just help her with work that she had at home. As we walked up to her gate she was just barely scooting along down the street. It was amazing that we caught her because it turns out the buzzer outside her gate actually goes to her neighbors house... weird... but anyway it all worked out for a reason. She invited us into her house, and we all sat around her table. We started asking her what we could help with and with as many things as she could have give us to do she said all she wanted us to do was to bring comfort to her life through the word of God. She went on to tell us more about her health problems that she has. Turns out she has been hit by a bus twice and has many problems from the accidents. She could barely get up and down from her chair. The thoughts and lesson we were able to share with her went so well, I didnt even know that i had some of the spanish vocabulary that was coming from my mouth. It was such a strong experience and she was so happy with what we were able to share with her. As we were leaving she wrote down her address and told us to write her during our missions. we are really sad we wont be able to go back to that area but there are other missionaries that will be able to take care of her. i cant really put it in words but this experience was nothing short of a blessing for all of us.

So ya other than that we have had a bunch of classes as usual... haha. Oh my birthday was on tuesday as ya know and it was great. i went into the kitchen in the morning and everyone starts yelling happy birthday and the cook had made me another postre and had everyone sing again. then even better yet i went up to the classroom and the elders in my district had made a big drawing on the whiteboard that said happy birthday and they all made me cards and gave me a present of a pack of gum.... a beach ball... and a yo yo...so funny. the cards were all so cute and hillerious, ill have to show you some day. anyways everyone was so good to me and i enjoyed my birthday at the mtc... then today at mail time i got this huge package and it turned out to be from one of the elders moms, it was so sweet, tons of stuff that will be handy, including a spanish hymnal which i was desperately in need of.

Anyway its been a good week as usual, im gettin a bit of cabin fever and am really really really excited for uruguay! Here is my favorite scripture of the week, I hope you love it as much as I do, ´¨Yea, I know that I am nothing, as to my strength I am weak, therefore I will not boast of myself, but I will boast of my God, for in his strenght I can do all things, yea behold, many mighty miracles we have wrought in this land, for which we will praise his name forever. ¨ Alma 26:12

So thats it for the week folks. I love you, I love you, I LOVE YOU!!! Ciao- Jess