Tuesday, November 1, 2011

October 10, 2011

so anyway here i am, yet another week, this is my last week of this change and then........ on to my last change, can you believe it!!! my comp is most definitely leaving the area after this change since it is her fourth here, a whole six months in one area. and that puts me....... i am not sure, we will have to see, hopefully with a latina to kick my butt with spanish. i have now had 5 changes straight with gringas and i need some spanish boot camp.

we had interviews with our mission president this week on friday, oh by the way it has been raining for four days now!!! uruguay and its rain........ comes out of no where. so my interview was great, i was able to get some advice from president on some issues we are having in our branch. i also got to talk to him on a more personal note which was really nice, he is a very wise person, i have grown closer and closer to him and his wife throughout the mission. its a bummer that right when i feel like this its almost time to leave, its just like being in an area, just when you feel like you have it down and feel comfortable, you get shipped off to a new area and a new adventure. after interviews we went to stop off at the house and drop some things out. of course it had been super windy and rainy and when we got home our bedroom was flooded. good thing the floors are cement, it took a while to get it all cleaned up by soaking up towels and ringing them into buckets but all is well now. i guess with the wind and rain it all just came in under the door. a hermano from the ward came over and put a plastic table infront of the door to deflect the rain..... thats one way to fix things haha.

well i wanted to give you a little update on cute rosana and daniel, who are doing fabulous. we had a really special experience with them this week and with their son ioham. rosana is super preggo and is ready to pop, well actually she is due the day i get home, i am hoping the baby comes a little early so i can meet him before i go. but anyway, we had a lesson with them, and their son ioham for the past couple of weeks has caught on to the whole idea of prayer and ALWAYS insists on saying the prayer, and i mean insists until you let him, but they just whisper the words into his ear and then he repats them. but this time, for the first time he wanted to do it on his own. he is just barely 3. so he started, thanked Heavenly Father for having the missionaries at his house, asked God to bless the food, and to bless his family, very simple, but so cute. when we opened our eyes daniel and rosana were both with eyes full of big tears that were ready to fall, they just sat there and didnt say anything. it was a really special moment for them, well for all of us but especially for them. its amazing that a 3 year old can understand something so vitally important such as prayer. no wonder God repeatedly says in the scriptures to come unto him as little children. I know some of the greatest lessons i have learned have been from being with the Murdock girls and Carlson kids, kids just have a different spirit, they are so humble and submissive.

i told you i was going to tell you a bit about a man named wilson we are teaching. he was at the house of hector and laura one day, that is the couple that has the son that looks just like jared when he was little. at the end of that lesson hector had asked for God to help wilson with the difficult time he was going through. that caught our attention a bit and we got his number at the end of the lesson. we talked to him and set up an appt to go and see him but in the meantime he sent us a message asking for our prayers, he didnt know how to get out of the rutt he was in. our first lesson with him he let us in on alot. he is a very depressed man, he feels very lonely and doesnt see purpose in his life. he has contemplated suicide on many levels and just feet useless. we shared with him how it is that he could find purpose in life and what it is that God has planned for him and lesson after lesson, he has a little bit more light. its not like it is going to come over night but as he applys himself and seeks God he will surely find what he is looking for.

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