Tuesday, November 1, 2011

October 24, 2011

well anyway here i am.... in sugar bread yet again. with my corto plazo, her name is luci rojas, hermana rojas. actually we are in montevideo right now at a big mall that is here, i havent been in anything of the sort for a year and a half and i just about cried when we stepped in, i feel so uncomfortable, super out of place. my hands immediately started clamming up and i got all bug eyed. my comp actually lived in philidelphia for four years and just said, well hey, its like being in the states again. i forgot this kind of thing existed, makes me nervous to go back. okay so more about my comp, she is from a department called durazno and is 30, she is actually just waiting for her visa to go out on the mission, so honestly, i couldnt have been blessed with a corto plazo. when everyone hears that someone is getting a corto plazo its just like, ooooooooooooo well good luck with that one, but seriously, i think this is the best way i could end my mission. she is super motivated to learn and work and that is exactly what i was hoping for in my last companion to finish strong. but ya, so i am living with a ´guayan in ´guay, never thought that would happen!! she is hillerious too so that makes it even better, we get along super well and she is teaching me all the uruguayan dichos such as ¨te mato a palo¨ which i used wrong this week and said ¨te mato a pato¨ meaning i will kill you with a duck instead of ill kill you with a stick. she got a good laugh out of that one. thats what all the parents tell their kids when they are being disobedient.... pretty sure i will not tell my kids i am going to kill them when they disbehave haha. she speaks some english which is great, we speak english in the house and spanish in the street, but then end up speaking spanish almost always. it is super cute when she speaks english, i love her accent. but ya, things are going really well, we are kicking butt here and fighting to the end for me, and the beginning for her. oh she is going to be serving her mission in las vegas, she was supposed to leave in september but they have had a ton of visa problems so we came here today to do paper work for her and it looks as though she will be leaving the 28th of november, she is stoked, i am happy for her, she is going to be an amazing missionary. i am teaching her some things in english as well............. i taught her the actions to the song about pizza hut, kfc, and mcdonalds with the actions, she thinks it is hillerious.

we had a super funny experience this week, there is something everyday and i have just learned to laugh about it, i will never get to have experiences like this again. my last comp really taught me to laugh about the things that are ridiculous instead of reacting badly, and this one really made me laugh. we were in la capuera, that campgroud type part of our area and were going around clapping houses after lunch when we came across this house with a girl sitting in front of the gate, we tried to talk to her and then quickly picked up that she was special and unable to respond. her mom quickly came out and started talking to us and told us that they were actually members but hadnt been in a while, they had just recently lost everything, and i mean everything, in a house fire. they have 5 kids and live in a tiny wooden shack, but she quickly and happily invited us in. we talked for a bit and then started sharing a little lesson that i had that went along with puzzle pieces for the kids. so during the lesson i noticed that the mom had wiped something up from infront of me but i didnt know what, my comp just had a disgusted look on her face, but i just kept talking not knowing what was going on, my comp was so disgusted she wasnt speaking. as i turned my attention back to the center of the room ( i was sitting with their daughter with autism on my left and two little boys on my right who were reading) i noticed that what the mom kept wiping up was vomit. poor thing, their daughter with autism, throws up sequentially when she is overwhelmed or wants more attention. so as the lesson kept going, she kept throwing up and the family was so used to it that they didnt even pay attention, just the mom that was throwing a rag over it everytime it happened. i gave the kids the puzzle together, and they set it right in the middle of the throw up and started arranging it, i just tried to keep it together. when they were done and we finished the lesson they picked up the soaked puzzle pieces and handed them to me............ i took them.............. and put them in the front pocket of my backpack as to not make a big deal of it. we prayed and left and i noticed that there was vomit that had splashed up all over my legs and on my shoes.......... momm thanks for that hand sanitizer after all..... it came in really handy. but hey, that is just one of those things i had to laugh about, being a nanny prepared me for that one haha.

we are doing really well though, we had a steak conference yesterday with a general authority of the church that came and spoke and were able to have several people that we are teaching there. it was a wonderful experience and an awesome conference. we are teaching a family that is working on getting married right now, they are really excited!!!!

well okay geez i took up all that time, but i hope you enjoy my crazy urugayan adventures, i will have plenty more to tell. well i love you billionz and zillions, i am getting excited to see you, okay i was already excited, but i am just more excited now. love you to the moon and back a million times. love always-jess

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