Monday, July 11, 2011

July 4, 2011

well i am getting less and less excited about birthdays as the years go on... thats normal right?? i figure the next big mile stone is 30 and i dont even want to start to think about that.... so yay for 23!!! it was a nice birthday, they took good care of us here, had way too many treats and plenty of love so i was in good hands. here are some pics of my comp and with our treats and then the family i am with is Taina and Alejandro and their kids.... i am sure you remember me talking about them.
this week was really good, we found some amazing people to teach. i cant tell you how much i love it here in Melo, when i come back to visit this will definitely be my first stop, the people here are like family to me. the only thing is that i am so comfortable here, i know that i am going to change, well i think so anyway, we have our next changes in three weeks so i guess we will see.

we had sandra´s baptism this saturday and it was so good, she was SO happy and excited. she came with her grandaughter and her niece who have been coming to church with her. they are so cute, they are 4 and 7 and always sit in on our lessons with her. Sandra told us that every night before they go to bed they pray together, just the two little girls together, and that whenever Sandra reads the scriptures they are right there with her. they are so stinkin cute, they make me miss my littles. so there is a pic of sandra and them at her baptism. when Sandra was confirmed the next day at church she came back and sat by me and was ever so happy. she leaned over and anxiously told me that during her confirmation she just felt like she was receiving the biggest hug and that it was a feeling that just penetrated her whole being. it was a really special weekend for her, and for us too of course. she has shared some of the most amazing feelings with us this week in how the gospel has started to change her life, it made me really realize that it is through small and simple things that great things are brought to pass. she told us how before we started coming and teaching her the gospel that she was very self absorbed, and since she has started to try and put her life in line with God, she has become more selfless, and seeks to serve others. such a simple testimony but so great when you think about it in the long run.

we two amazing families this week that we have started to teach, one a family of nine and the other a family of four. i know i have said it a hundred times but there is something so special about teaching a family about the gospel and watching them change together, watching them start to love one another in a different way. we will see where everything goes. they are both super special, i wish i had more time to describe them but next week i will get to it with more details.

ahhhhhhhhh i am soooooo scatter brained today, there was lots of great things that happened this week that i cant even organize my sorry if this email isnt so exciting. i feel like there is something i needed to ask you..................... hmmmmmmmmmm okay cant remember. but i hope you know that i love you ever soooo much, and if you didnt..... I LOVE YOU!!!! HOper you are doing just great.... love you to the moon and back a million gazillion times!!!! ohhhhhhhh.... big thanks to lori for my package and shoes!!!! i was just about to start taping and cardboard reinforcing my old ones!!! haha great tricks i have learned from the elders. and happy birthday in a few days here lori---- love you and thank you so much!!!!! -your jess

oh and the last pic is with jonathan.... remember him......... he lived!!!! he just got let out of the hospital... he is a tropper. he will have a hole in his lung for the rest of his life from the tube but hey he is alive!!!! lesson learned kids.... dont do drugs!!!!

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