Monday, July 11, 2011

June 13, 2011

okay well i will let you know a little about my week, but first well we have changes tomorrow and i am sad but i guess it was expected, Hermana Judd will be leaving and I will be staying here and getting a new companion named Hermana Parker, i dont really know her, she is a very quite girl but I am sure it will be just fine. the great news is that hermana Judd is going to my oro area where i started the mission in Maldonado, i was extatic when i found out. i have probably been driving her crazy telling her all about all the people there that i grew to love so much and showing her tons of pictures. I am so so so so excited for her, i look back with nothing but the greatest memories and feelings of that area. i am sending her with a load of letters and pictures to give to people. oh and i have 13 months on the mission today!!! can you believe it!!!
well this week was especially amazing. saturday we had the baptisms of Jesus and Juan Carlos and i truly think that was the most beautiful experience i have had yet on my mission, i know i end up saying that each change but seriously, it was a little piece of heaven. Jesus´ brother who served a mission in California and then came home and stopped going to church completely was there. he was welcomed with huge open arms. when the bishop saw him he practically took him out giving him a hug. the service was super great. my comp and i sang a duet of All Creatures of Our God and King and our district leader Elder Jarvis did a really amazing arrangement of the song after he accompanied us. After they were baptized they were given the chance to share their testimonies. Jesus of course was the first to get up with tears in his eyes and expressed great gratitude to God for the gospel that he has in his life and the chance that he will have to have his family forever. Juan Carlos followed and also gave an amazing testimony. After the bishop asked Jesus´ brother to come up and share his testimony and he actually did, it was amazing. He talked about his mission and some of the amazing experiences he had and at the end said that he hopes to come back. No one really knows what happened but I think his brother taking this step is going to change an entire family line, it was a super strong spiritual experience for everyone there and one of the greatest moments of my mission... and once again with feellings that i cant quite describe with typing, maybe better with words when i can actually tell you.
this week we also had amazing lessons with Sandra and Oscar who are coming also super wonderfully. We taught Sandra the ten commandments and she is hillerious. i dont know if i ever told you what happened to her but years ago she had a near death experience with a stroke that she had from bad habits, through that she had a total turn around and knows that she was saved to death for a reason, so for that she is super receptive. Anyway from her stoke she cannot move her left arm and gimps around with her left leg straight. We taught her about not stealing and she came back with ¨what do you think i am going to do with one arm??? i cant rob anyone!! and even if i did how would i run away!!! i can barely walk!!!¨ we were all laughing super hard, she is hysterical. she has a great attitude about her challenges.

oscar is amazing, he suprised us by having read 10 chapters or over 100 pages of the gospel pricipals book we had given him, and while we were having our lesson, as usual he was finishing our sentences, he is super amazing. then at the end he told us that when he prays, he is starting to feel something different, something deeper. God is working with his desire to have more faith, that is for sure.
well i hope that you are all doing amazing, i am a bit worried but i will try and qudarme tranquila until i know for sure what is going on. I love you to a million pieces, to the moon and back a million times. Think about and pray for you always. LOVE-jess
ps pics of the baptism, jesus to my left, juan to my comps right. and us and oscar........

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