Monday, July 11, 2011

June 6, 2011

well my comp and i have had a busy morning already of hospital visits. Marisol is still in the hospital recouperating but i cannot tell you how wonderful she looks, she has a whole new glow to her. we sat and chatted with her this morning and she was just glowing, tellling us that God has truly saved her from this trial that she has passed through. she has read the scriptures (thanks to her mom bringing hers to the hospital while she has stayed with her) the entire time she has been there and told us that she just cant put them down, they have brought so much strength and hope to her life. now is a time when i wish i could express with words the experience we had with her this morning, but there really isnt anything to express it. the love that marisol has is completely without explanation, and the faith she has is incredible. the pic attached is of us this morning. i cant express how much i love her, i didnt ever think that life would take me to the other side of the world to find people that would change my life forever, i am eternally greatful to know marisol. she hopefully will be leaving the hospital today.

we also visited jonathan while we were there, remember the kid that we were helping to stop smoking.... ya bad news. last week his lungs became ¨pegada¨ which would mean they were stuck together but i am pretty sure that is not what they were trying to tell us, its a bit confusing figuring out medical terms in spanish sometimes. anyway, he now has a tube coming out of his lung that is draining pus that has built up. they will be shipping him off to montevideo soon for surgery. this is supposably long term effects from all the drug use that he has done, sadly enough they are hoping that he lives through it all, it is such a testimony to me of keeping our bodies free of things like that. he is so young and has so much life to live, but i know if God calls him home then that is His will.

well lets see i have so much to tell you about this week but i really wanted to tell you a little more about jesus, the man we are teaching that is going to be baptized this next weekend. i have never met someone with so much faith. i especially have never met a man like him, his family is his world and he wants nothing more than to be with them for eternity, he has completely handed his life over to God. being in a room with this man when he prays is so powerful, he literally talks to God, you can just feel it. like always, there is only so much i can express, i just wish i could teleport you here to experience it with me. Jesus had his baptismal interview yesterday and the elder that interviewed him came out and was just amazed by him ( as we are every time we meet with him) he is truly an extraordinary person with such a pure heart.

i dont know if i have said anything about another man named Oscar that we are teaching.... funny enough all the men we are teaching right now are about dad´s age.... usually a year or two younger..... haha.... but its kind of a homey feeling. anyway, oscar is such a great man, he is super smart and everytime we teach him he basically completes our sentences. his biggest desire right now is to increase his faith and to know the truth. he is progressing amazingly. he is already such a great person, but it is a testimony to me that the gospel helps to strenghten those who are already strong, and to give them a peace that the world most definitely cannot bring.

well anyway.... my companion and i were getting ready this morning and she yelled into me and just said that she was tearing up, i asked her why, and she said she just imagined me seeing you at the airport for the first time after a year and a half.... now thats a trunkie thought haha. but it was cute. i am pretty sure i will more than just tear up a little when i see you, i think i will rate it the best day of my life thus far, i just love you so much. while i was getting ready this morning i had a movie line come to my head.... no worries, an innocent movie, Hook. the line was ¨and you know what my happy thought was maggie?... It was you.¨ and i just thought about how that line applies so perfectly for me. Do you know what my happy thought is??? well if you cant guess, it is you. any time i get sad or disappointed, or when i have a day that is hard, i just think of you, i think my family being together forever, that is my happy thought. i think of how greatful i am to know this gospel so that we will have that chance, and how i get to share that happiness with other people, and the fact that they can have their happy thought too, of a family that can be together forever. speaking of that there is a book i just read that i would love for the three of you to read if you get a chance.... or just do it, it is only like 150 pages or less. it is called ¨Our Seach for Happiness.¨ and it is by M. Russell Ballard. I love that book and i think it explains really clearly what i feel and believe, so maybe you could get a little glimpse.

I got the boxes!!!! thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooo much so many much needed things. thank you all!!! and grandpa and aunt nancy as well!!!! everything is being put to good use already... cadbury eggs... already in the stomach!!!! ahhhhhh the smell of machine washed and dried clothes..... i cant tell you how good that smells, havent smelled that in a while!!!!

random line before i go.... i ate armadillo.... i was really good actually.... i will send pics sometime.

i love you so so so so so so so so so much!!!!! to the moon and back!!!!

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