Monday, July 11, 2011

June 27, 2011

well i am fffffffffrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzziiiiiiiinnnnnggggggggggg................ need i say more. remember how i said last week that the winter was having a hard time coming. well it came this week over the course of two days and it is full forced now. wind, lots of clouds. but i am sooooooo happy to have such a great fam that sent me the box of warmness. i am in my ugg boots as we speak with my new gloves and turtleneck.... fashion is not a word in my vocabulary right now, but warm is so i am good there. really thank you ever so much!!! i am going to stay nice and warm this winter.... i hope!!!! then i will go right back into winter, but i do love winter there with the pretty snow.... and skiiing..... mmmmm. well yes mama thank you for the birthday wishes!!! i did get the nice present from santiago and his wife romina, we had the greatest visit, they are wonderful people and it makes me happy that i will still have contact with etel when i get back through them. etel is planning on probably going out to utah for christmas so i might get to see her then!!!! and cake this week..... do we have cake.... that will not be a problem.... i am going to need a gym pass stat after this week. we have plans for a possible 7 cakes.... so we will be well fed and loved, dont you worry. did i tell you my comp and i have the same birthday!!! so yes that will be nice, we can celebrate together. then on top of it a woman that we are teaching, her son has the same birthday so they invited us over too. lots and lots of cake. but yes mama i will be in need of your homemade german chocolate cake.

well we are doing really good. i am learning alot and am greatful for the opportunity i have to be with my companion. if i have learned one thing it is that you cant live with someone for a month and a half or three months and see them every waking moment without making them your friend, we are very different but we get along just great. we definitely choose our happiness, ¨come what may and love it¨ she is very shy but she will get there. when we go around contacting and talking to random people i have to shut myself up, i love talking to people, but i know i need to let her struggle a bit. if i save her everytime she will always depend on me.......... so i have to just let her do it. after we are done talking to people we chat about what she needs help with and i think that is really helping her. there really is no how or way to do it, its whatever comes to your heart, she just has a hard time listening to her heart and thinks that she does everything terribly, but it is impossible for it to be terrible when you speak from your heart.

we met this really amazing man that has been a member of the church for quite some time but has not gone to church, we met him one day and made an appointment to go back so that we could take our friend elisa with us ( he is a single man so we cant go alone, obviously) when we went back he was very timid, i could tell he was going through a hard time. we found out he was just divorced and barely gets to see his kids. we talked to him about the healing that we can receive through Christ and the great sacrifice he made for us so that we can be healed and comforted in times like he is going through. we talked about the scriptures and how they truly have the power to heal us, so we invited him to pray and read that night and made a return appointment, he wanted us to come back and teach his 10 year old daughter as well. when we went back, he truly had new life to him. he had read. he had prayed. and had felt a bit of that healing power take place in his life and desired for the people he loved to feel of that same love of God he had experienced. that lesson his daughter was actually not able to be there, but he invited the girlfriend that he is now living with to come and listen and we watched a short video and they both had tears in their eyes by the end. it was a really great experience and i hope that we can continue to help him to return.

sandra is doing wonderful, she is funny as ever, man i just love that woman. yesterday she was freaking out trying to get to church. her son just moved back in with sandra and they live there with their daughter and his wife. he can see how happy sandra is and so he has offered to take her to church on sundays. the moto wouldnt start yesterday but he borrowed the moto of someone else and they made it just a little late. her baptism is this saturday and she was just telling everyone how excited she is.

funny story to wrap it up. we were out knocking doors and i saw a mandarine tree and decided it wouldnt hurt to take one, they were falling off there were so many. so i took one and peeled it, it peeled a bit funny but i didnt think much of it, right after leaving the next door i put one in my mouth and turned straight around and spit it out and was gagging it was so bad. there were two little, well like 10 year old boys across the street laughing and one said... senora, did you like your mandarine.... and me gagging said, there is something seriously wrong with that manderine, it is bitter and sick!!! he replied, well that would be because it is a lime. yes, great blonde moment. but it was orange!!!! for some reason some of the limes are orange and look exactly like mandarines. i guess thats what i get for breaking a commandment.... thou shalt not steal.... hahaha.

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