Wednesday, June 1, 2011

May 9, 2011

well lets see.... i dont have anything with me to remember exactly what happened so i will have to pull out what i can remember, we had a really good week. we have both decided that saturdays are usually our days of success, they always seem to go well. well yesterday was really neat. we had one of the guys we are teaching, named alberto, come to church with us. the first time we talked to him we introduced ourselves and gave him a little run down and he just responded by saying.... i am closed today. ummmmm okay, so we moved on from that one, he really didnt want to talk to us and didnt give us much to work with. but for the past 3 or 4 weeks we have seen him everywhere!!! well our area isnt that big so i guess that isnt too hard but we started seeing him so much that we would stop and talk to him. one time he just stopped mid street on his moto and the woman that was behind him just about crashed into him. each time we talked to him we invited him to church, he told us he would come, but then didnt. so the last time we saw him in the street i just decided to throw it out there again and ask him when we could come by and share our message. he gave us a day, and he was actually there and waiting for us. we had a really great lesson, the only bummer is that he is a very scientifically based person, doesnt really believe in God, so we are starting from point one. but its all good, we invited him to church, may have bugged him a bit to get him to go haha, but then he went. so we were really excited, he is a great guy, just needs to build his faith.

our sweet marisol is doing much much better. she wasnt able to go to montevideo for her medical exams this week but will be going in june, but she was much happier when we visited her this week. things are getting much better with her family and she has been a little bit better with her health. she is so sweet and super responsible with the assignments that we leave her for reading. this week we asked her if she had done her reading and she said no hermanas, i am so sorry, i was only able to read what you left me with and nothing beyond that. haha we are super excited when people just follow through with what we leave but she thought we would be disappointed that she didnt do extra reading. ahhhh she is so great. she still needs to come to church with us but she always has to do odd jobs to earn money and sometimes they land on sundays. but she is such an amazing woman with true desires and i have faith it will all work out.

well sorry this is not so exciting and actually kind of lame, my brain is not working right now and i am having trouble thinking of anything, but this should give ya a little taste of my week. i read a really amazing talk this week that i read before i came on the mission that helped me to realize that i really was supposed to come. and over a year later i read it again, but with a different approach, actually being a missionary and having followed the promptings that i recieved to come here. the talk is called ¨cast not away therefore your confidence.¨ there are many parts that i love but i couldnt help but think how following through with the thoughts and feelings that i received to come on a mission have changed me forever. I will never look back on this decision with any regret, i know i am exactly where i am supposed to be, and where the Lord needs me to be at this moment. I know that my life will be forever changed by being here, all because of prompting from God that i was able to follow. that is not to say that the decision did not come with lots of opposition, but with everything good, there comes opposition, actually there is opposition in everything, but especially with something good. that would be why there is tons of opposition in the mission as well. thank you so much for all the love and support you have given me for the past (almost!) year of being here. really you dont know how much it means to me and how much i have needed every word of love and advice you have given me. i am so blessed to have you as my family and love you more and more everyday, i cant say it enough but I LOVE YOU!!! NEVER EVER FORGET IT!!!! love you so much, your monkey-jess

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