Wednesday, June 1, 2011

May 16, 2011

well guess what!!! the secretaries in the office just called me.............. i got my trunkie call!!!! where is the time going, that is just crazy. so it sounds like you will be getting the info soon here. i thought it was the 29th of november but the office elder told me the 11th, i think he is wrong but i guess we will find out.

well we had a really good week. i am actually in montevideo right now, got my tooth fixed this morning so i am all nice and numb. my comp is making fun of my half smile... how sweet haha. the dentist and i have come really good friends, seeing as how many times i have seen her. my darn teeth. well one cavity in a year isnt so bad. she says that i do some serious stress grinding at night and need to get new special retainers when i get home. i still have the same ones from when i was 13 and i dont think they do much anymore. but anyway, to let you know, my tooth is fixed. we had to take a bus at 12:30 in the morning because melo is 6 hours away. worst sleep of my life haha, luckily i have gotten really used to being sleep deprived on the mission, or just tired all the time. people are starting to guess i am about 25, whereas when i started the mission they thought 14. i have aged 11 years in the past year.... yipee. or maybe i just dont look scared out of my mind anymore haha.

well continuing on, we had a really good week for the most part. thursday was our day of tender mercies. we met this girl named mariana that is the owner of an almacen we go to every now and then to grab a treat. we started chatting with her and SHE asked US if we would come back the next day and share our message with her. she said she figured that no missionaries ever talk to her because they assume they are bugging her business, probably true, we tend to leave the almacen people alone. but she wanted to learn so we went back the next day and she had made pizza and a cake to share with us. oh she is just the cutest girl, she is 20 and is working on getting married.... hurrah!!! that isnt very common, but ya, she is amazing and has some amazing faith and gospel backgound, we are really excited for her.

another woman we found a week ago is named Silvana. she is a young mom who is very faithful and just overall amazing. she was pretty intimidating to us the first time we taught her, cant really explain why. but this week when we went, she was listening ever so intently. when we were done and asked her if she had any questions or concerns she told us that what we had shared with her was the answer to some questions she has had for quite a while, and has been praying to find the answer and told us that she felt that God had sent us to her to answer her questions. it is the most amazing feeling when we get to hear something like that, knowing that we were truly guided to find her.

well the huge miracle of the week was with a reference my companion received with her last companion that we have had a super hard time trying to contact, his name is Jesus. well he works in montevideo and is only home on the weekends, we finally found him last weekend and then set up an appt for this weekend. we werent expecting much of it since the reference was from his wife who just said that she wasnt interested but that her husbund might be. so we went in and chatted with him a bit. he told us about his family, espcially about his brother who had formally served a mission in the states and told us about some the things his brother had sent him while he was on his mission, 11 years ago, which included the scriptures. i asked him what his biggest desire in life was, he said to be with his family forever and that he knew how he could achieve that but that he wanted to wait for his wife to gain faith, because she doesnt believe in anything. we told him, if he knew, he needed to start acting now and become an example for his wife and family. We asked him if he had read the scriptures, he said yes, and then started to cry, and said that is how he knew what we were sharing was true and what he wanted for his family. the spirt was so strong with him, he is truly so prepared and his heart is so soft, he really is an amazing man. it is rare to meet people who have desires like Jesus. but so anyway, we developed a plan and he decided to act, to be an example for his family. he started coming to church yesterday, alone, but will come in time with his wife, i just know it. its like Richard and Natalia. just gotta have faith. he is going to be baptized the 11th of June.

well i have so much more to share but that will give you a little glimpse for the week. i love you sooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!!!! just talked to the offices again and it is november 30th which puts me there the first of december i believe. okay well i hope you are doing sooooooooooo good. love you to the moon and back a million times!!!! -Jess

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