Wednesday, June 1, 2011

May 2, 2011

well we have changes again tomorrow, can you believe it, another six weeks has passed away, but hermana judd and i are staying together. it will be really great. we set out a list of goals of things we want to accomplish and work on this morning during our companionship study this morning so hopefully we can work more efficiently. but i am excited, one change is really not enough time to get to know someone. its funny i have only had two gringa comps but each of them i will be having for two changes. unfortunately i know my spanish gets worse instead of better, haha. oh well, guess i will just pray that i get to end it out with all latina comps so i can get better.

funny moment that happened last week when we were getting our groceries after writing you guys. we were at the store and i felt a tug on my sleeve and i looked down and there was a little girl standing there and she just said hola, went up on her tippy toes and was waiting for me to greet her and give her a beso. so i did, and then she ran over to her dad and was just yelled to him, daddy, daddy she speaks english!!!!! hahaha, dont know why but it made us laugh really hard, guess i felt cool for the first time being able to speak english.

so anyway we had a pretty good week, well one day in particular was really great so i will tell you about that. on saturday we started out by heading to an appointment that ended up falling through so we headed to our back up plan, and when we got there the guy that we had been teaching, Miguel, dropped us. bummer. he just said that he wasnt ready and wasnt wanting to continue. they have to have a desire to continue of course or else it is pointless. so we just thanked him and left him with our testimonies and told him he is always invited. its always a bummer when that happens, and especially to start off our day but after there it went really well. we went to the house of this woman named soledad. earlier this week we were in the almacen right around the corner from her house when her little six year old daughter came in and started chatting with us and then started chewing us out for not coming back to her house when her mom was there ( because the first time we went her grandma was only there) so she demanded that we follow her to her house to meet her mom. it was super funny and cute. so we went, met soledad and set up an appt to return on saturday. when we went back we started chatting with soledad and after a few minutes i started to pull a pamplet out of my backpack, little camila, her six year old daughter, was sitting right next to me and when she saw the picture of jesus on the front she sighed and got all sad looking and said ¨i miss jesus, he really loves all the little children¨  and then started going off about how much she loves jesus. i was basically jaw dropped at how much this little girl knew about Christ. so anyway, long story really short, we taught camila and soledad about God´s plan for us, the plan of salvation. camila really wanted to just take over the lesson, really its unreal how much this little girl knew, she was just confused about how we are not going to be reincarnated, but resurrected. but it was such a great lesson and they are the sweetest little mother and daughter, the parenting skills here are a bit wack but it was amazing to watch how great soledad interacted with camila. so we are going back today, more news there next week hopefully. after that we went to marisol, who so sweetly always has us come in even though her whole family mocks her for it, but she says she feels good and it feels right when we teach her so she doesnt care. she told us about her many health problems that she is struggling with right now, including possible relapse of cancer, and thier finanical problems and barely being able to eat. none of us were dry eyed, its so hard to watch people suffer like that, especially when we have really grown to love and care for her. she is the sweetest spirit you would ever meet. but we have been working with the ward to get some help for her, with faith like hers, everything will turn out. she knows she has trials for a reason and never doubts God. anyway after lunch we went and met with jonathan. that kid i told you is working to stop smoking, and guess what!!!! 9 days without smoking!!!!! he is fabulous and told us about the promise he made with God if he helps him stop smoking, that he will join us at church. we are super excited for him, he is a great kid. we got to go with him to the sketchy hospital to visit his sister that is there with her like 2 month old baby who is sick with bronchitis, so sad. so hard start to the day, but filled with blessings.

we were also super happy to have the baptism of a boy that we have been working with named angel, he is the grandson of a woman in the ward who wasnt actively coming. we have been blessed to work with them and help them to come back together and this weekend angel was baptized. his name describes him perfectly.

well i have to run but i want you to know how much i love you!!! oh and remember how you two gave me three words of advice??? Patience, Persistence, and Prayer??? so i have dedicated my studies to these three words and have really found some ties in the scriptures, i will share more about it when i have time. but for now here is a scritpure that i really loved ¨ ... remembering without ceasing your work of faith and labor of love and patience of hope in our lord Jesus Christ, in the sight of God and our father.¨

i love you and am stoked to talk to you, keep safe, . that would be nice. i love you so so so so so so so so much, to the moon and back. love -jess

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