Monday, March 7, 2011

Feb 7, 2011

PARA ENTRENAR!!!!! or we can say i will be training a new missionary

well ya as i said we received our change calls last night and just as my companion thought, i am going to be training a new missionary, and the chances of her being a north american are pretty high because there are three coming and that almost never happens. well turns out that they will be dividing the area again as well, there is salinas 1 and salinas 2. i originally was in salinas 1, then this last change we did both, then when they called they said i would be in salinas 1 again with my ¨oro¨ as we call the new missionaries. i was extremely scared about this because the two amazing people that we have been teaching, Richard and Flor, are both in salinas 2. It has taken this entire change to gain there confidence and have been able to help them overcome some big obstables and they are finally progressing. my companion and i were worried about how this was going to go over because with their situations, they need someone that they can confide in to progress and keep going forward. i didnt sleep at all last night i was so worried about them and what was going to happen. i had talked to our zone leaders last night about the situation and they told me i should call president. so this morning i called him and we chatted, i explained the situation and asked him if there was any way that my oro and i could work in salinas 2 and the other two in salinas 1. i was really worried he was going to say no, but to my suprise he just said, tranquilla hermana kubly, he told me that he completely understood that this was important and agreed to let us have salinas 2 so that everything will work out with richard and flor. i had some serious tears of joy i was so happy, i love richard and flor so much and am so greatful to have their confidence, they are such amazing people and their lives are changing so much through the gospel. so one challenge conquored, now i am just scared to death to train. i feel like it was yesterday that i was sitting on the couch at the mission home terrified to start the mission. i dont feel ready but i know that the Lord will uplift me and help me through the challenge, he knows us better than we know ourselves and exactly what we are capable of. so here it goes....... wish me luck and send some prayers...... i will recieve my new comp tomorrow and will write you next week to tell you all about it.

Flor and Richard are doing amazing. we gave Flor a book that is called ¨gospel principals¨ for one of the classes that is in church on sundays and when we went to visit her she told us that she read the entire thing..... in ONE DAY!!!! and loved it. and not to mention she is in the process of quitting smoking and was smoking 10 a day and is already down to 4. we are so happy for her. Richard texted us last monday and it made us a bit nervous because it just said hermanas please pray for me. when we went to visit him the next day we asked him what happened and he responded really nothing, just that he was reading the same gospel principals book and felt the urge to cry because he could feel the spirit so strongly. he is so great, his whole aura has changed and he just looks completely different, he finally feels peace and is happy. he is still in the process of trying to figure out what to do with the woman he is living with.

well i gotta run but i love you so much and hope that you are doing fabulously. love you millions and trillions

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