Monday, March 28, 2011

Feb 28

well i dont have a ton to tell you this week unfortunately, my comp was pretty sick for a few days so we had to lay a bit low. we actually ended up adverturing to montevideo to the british hospital so she could have some blood tests done. all is well luckily and she is doing much better. she was throwing up and down for the count on wednesday and part of thursday. being sick on the mission is the worst, it is always when i want mom more than ever to take care of me haha, i just feel like a little girl. i remember when i got my wisdom teeth out in high school and mom took such good care of me, i remember thinking you were literally an angel... i was on loritab so that may explain a bit.... hahaha no just kidding, you really are the best mama, couldnt ask for anyone better.

so anyway we went this week to meet with richard on tuesday like i had told you last week and we were planning on talking with natalia but when we got there, she didnt want to talk to us or see us soooooo yaaaa... bummer. we were really hoping to resolve some doubts she has, but when we left we poked our heads in their bedroom door to say bye and to inviter her to a family home evening at a members house on thursday. to our suprise she was actually planning on going!!! but the member had to cancel on us last minute but we rescheduled for this week on friday at the bishops house with his family. so we are hoping that natalia will want to go. but thats not all, since my comp was sick to keep in touch with richard this week and to see how things were going i sent him a few messages and the way he responded was completely different from the past weeks. things this past week have completely turned around with natalia and as he put it there is more peace and harmony in their home. he told us that for the first time he has faith and hope that natalias heart is softening and that she will soon come to the point that she will talk with us and learn more about our message. the key has been that she can see a change in richard, and the more she can see him change, the more she will seek the gospel. i know she is a good person, just has a few walls up, but i as well have faith that everything will come with time. i am nervous that i wont get to see how everything turns out with him because i think i am out of salinas and onto a new area in three weeks but the change i have seen in him has been the biggest miracle of my mission yet to see the gospel of Christ change a life like it has changed his, and to see someone as converted as he has been.

we had a great lesson with Iris again this week and like she said she had a pile of questions for us. she is great, her husbund is not so hot on the idea but she goes forward anyway, she is a very independent woman. we talked to her about the importance of repentance and baptism this week and, wow, i have been so impressed here in salinas to meet several people that really understand the importace of repentance. more than anything for iris she told us that she needs to learn how to forgive, which ya is extremely important, like it says in the scriptures, we cannot expect to be forgiven of our wrongdoings if we are not willing to forgive those who offend us. she is fabulous, just love her to pieces and it will take time, but its all about the patience.

so anyway my sweet family, gosh i really just love you so much, and i appreciate you more and more each day. i am so greatful for you and everything you do for me, for your support, your love, and all the great opportunities you have given me in my life. i hope you know how much i love you and can feel it even though i am not there. i really didnt know just how great i had it. i am just going to smother you when i get home haha. i have decided that we are going to start having family home evenings when i return okay??? no worries i will teach you, they are the greatest. well until next week, keep healthy, be safe, like mama always says when she closes her emails ¨look out for the bad guys and look both ways when you cross the street¨....... love you forever- Jess

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