Monday, March 28, 2011

Feb 14

well i am a dork, i sent pictures last week and didnt say a thing about what was going on.... nothing too special, just my zone of missionaries, my zone leaders (last change), a picture of us with cute flor the woman we are teaching, a family home evening activity we had with the bishop and richard the other guy we are teaching.... and i think thats it. well i will fill you in a bit on this week!!! life has changed alot, its crazy, i went from how i would explain it as leaning on the wall being junior companion to having to be the wall haha, but wow i cant tell you what a blessing it has been, i have learned so much this week and feel so blessed to be able to train my new companion, she is wonderful. her name is hermana munera and she is from colombia. haha there were 4 north americans and one latina, i was sure i was going to have a north american but am so happy, it helps my spanish so much to have latina comps. wow talking to her just makes me realize how easy i have had it. she was working to provide for her mom and brother before she left and has told me many stories about how scary it is where she lives, stories of sleeping with her mom and brother under their bed to hide from the gun shots that they would hear all night long, and problems with well colombian gangs i guess you would call them. really i cant imagine. its so amazing to be able to live with people from different countries and learn about their lives. but yes this is a picture of her and i in the mission home. the other is last night celebrating my 9 months.... i am officially over the hill.... scary feels like it never happened.

i was super scared in the beginning like i told you, seriously didnt sleep for two nights straight i was so worried about how i was going to be able to pull it together, but the Lord has truly been my strength and i have learned so much this week. my companion carries an amazing spirit and is extremely in tune with the needs of other people. i feel like i kind of became a robot and was becoming less personal but she has helped me so much to learn again how to stop, and listen, and use the spirit to help teach the gospel according to the needs of the people. i have gained a new love for being here. we found some really amazing people to teach this week and are excited to go back. i love going out and talking to people everyday with her, i feel like a completely different person and really am so greatful to have this experience. not to mention she is just a doll, we get along perfect. it is funny we live with my trainer hermana alvarez and another hermana that was in my zone in maldonado.

well flor and richard are doing amazing which makes me extremely greatful, flor is going to be baptized this saturday, and she is really excited and content with her decision. richard is amazing as always, he brought his son alexis to church yesterday, he is 5 and loved the primary. richard was really happy about that. we were talking a bit after the gospel principals class and he was expressing how content and happy he is finally, and how he finally knows he is exactly where he is supposed to be, made me really happy. we have been teaching another woman named mariana, she is 23 and has two adorable kids. she told us that everyone makes fun of her for letting us in but that she doesnt care, she craves to know more about the gospel. she is so amazingly dedicated to the Lord, really words cant express, its so rare to find someone her age that wants to give everything they have to the Lord.

well my companion and i were studying earlier this week and she showed me this scripture for one of the people we are teaching but i know that i needed it as well, it is in Isaiah 41: 10, 13 and says ¨fear though not for i am with thee, be not dismayed for i am thy God, i will strengthen thee, yea, i will help thee, yea, i will upheld thee with the right hand of my righteousness. for i the Lord thy God will hold thy right hand, saying unto thee, fear not, i will help thee.¨ I have felt this strenght so strong this week and am so greatful and know that the Lord will uphold us in our trials.

well i love you so so so so so sosososososososo much and hope all is well. happy valentines day!!!!! loooooooooooooooovvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeee youuuuuuuuuuuu- Jess

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