Monday, March 28, 2011

Feb 21, 2011

well i am doing really well here, having some bad stomach problems but

really it hasnt been the same since i left home. but didnt help that

this week we had a zone conferece with the president and one of the

hermanas from the ward where we had our conferece made us chicken

burritos. we were all in heaven to have burritos until the next day

when over 30 of us missionaries were sick with food poisoning.... ya

that was fun. luckily i was only really sick in the morning but the

other three hermanas that i live with were sick for the rest of the

day so i was mama for the day and took care of them haha.

this week was really good other than that haha. we had the baptism of

flor on saturday which was really exciting and all went really well.

she was really content and happy and even shared her feelings at the

end, it was a really beautiful experience. ah she is so great, i wish

you could meet her. we will skype her one day and ill translate for ya


richard is doing really great as well. we had a lesson with him after

flors baptism and he is really happy and really feels that he is

finally on the right path and has been able to clean up his life. its

so true, what he feels i can see in him, he has changed so much and i

am so happy for him. he wants so badly to be able to ¨empezar de

nuevo¨ or start his life over again and is really prepared to be

baptized, just has to resolve things with natalia. our intention is

not at all to rip them apart as a family, i know that if they are both

willing and ready to live the gospel that everything can be resolved,

the challenge is just that both parties have to be willing to change

and live the gospel of Christ. i have had a feeling that things are

going to change this week with their situation and suprisingly richard

came up to me after church yesterday and told me that Natalia wants to

talk to us when we come on tuesday.... i have never seen or talked to

her because she doesnt want anything to do with us....she is always

just listening through the screen with her window open to their

bedroom... so that was a huge suprise. im a bit nervous about what she

is going to say but i know that it will be a good thing to finally

talk to her and hopefully help her resolve some of the doubts. not

going to lie i am nervous she is going to be angry with us but i know

we will be blessed with the right things to say to help her.

well we have another amazing man we are teaching for a couple of weeks

now, dont know if i mentioned him last week but his name is ulises. he

loves the importance of the family within the church and has gone

above and beyond with the things that we leave him to do each lesson.

he is passionate about prayer and has truly found a relationship with

God through it. we are really excited for him.

another awesome woman we are teaching is named iris. man she is a

hoot. she is hillerious and a bit crazy but its so weird, i really

connect with her and understand her, and i feel like she understands

me, maybe im a bit crazy too haha. she has tons of questions and i

love it!!! helps us to know they are really learning and want to know

more. she came to church yesterday and really loved it and left saying

she will have list of questions when we return.... yehaw!

so ya i am doing just great, my companion is a sweetheart and i just

love her to pieces. i feel like such a spoiled brat when i talk to her

and hear about all of her struggles and difficulties she has had in

life, she truly is such an example to me of overcoming obstacles,

especially overcoming them with the help of the Lord. she is so

strong, there is a reason i havent had the same trials as her, im

definitely not as strong.

well i love you so so so so so much. enjoy the pic, its of us with

Flor for her baptism. i miss you and love you to the moon and back a

zillion times. love you forever, till next week- your monkey, Jess

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