Tuesday, October 12, 2010

October 5, 2010

hey there fam-
this was definitely a week filled with Richard and Paolas fam. we had their wedding that we attended on wednesday which was really eventful because we were short a witness because they would not let us use our copies of our passports as id so we had to find someone in the street, luckily this wonderful woman that was passing by offered to help us and wha lah!!! they are a happy new married couple!!! gosh i cant tell you how much their family changed with this marriage, there is truly something so special that has bound them together and they have a whole new sense of commitment to their relationship, i really have never seen them so happy!! the next day we had their baptism which was such an awesome and powerful experience for me, they were all so happy excited. Richard left for Venezuela on saturday for his new job and my comp and i went to thier house right before they left to do a little family prayer and lesson with them. Paola was really sad with the fact that Richard was leaving, geez im sure i would be too if i were 8 months pregnant with three kids! but she has been amazing, my comp and i have visited them and they are doing great, jaque and dameon help out so much with juan and paola is a wonderful mother. its really amazing to watch them carry out the love of Christ within their home.

other than that i have been really sick this past week with some sort of flu so we had quite a bit of time in the house. mama you would be happy with what good care my comp took of me, she made me rest even when i was trying to force my way through it, which is all for the better because i am all healed up now. other than that we had change calls on sunday and....... my comp and i are staying together!!! yehaw, so we have at least another six weeks together which will be great for me, i am learning so much from her and she is really helping me to learn how to grow as a person through the gospel. i cannot tell you how much i love studying the gospel and im so happy that i have this short amount of time to dedicate my life to it.

we were able to watch the church´s general conference this past weekend at our steak center while everyone was there back home... really surreal to see beautiful salt lake city during the broadcast and not be there!!! but oh my it was soooo gooood. the very first talk was by one of the general authority´s of the church Elder Holland and wow i cannot tell you how hard it hit me. he was talking about selfless sacrifice, sacrifice given without expecting anything in return, a VERY LARGE part of that being our parents. I know you are probably sick of me saying this but thank you mom and dad. i know i will never fully recognize everything you have done for me but i know that i am who i am and have the opportunities that i have had because of you. the President of the church spoke on gratitude and how many times we take foregranted those who deserve our gratifude the most, i am so greatful for you and all the wonderful people in my life, i hope that i can live to be a more greatful person. one of the quotes that he said was, ¨to live with gratifude is to touch heaven.¨

I love you so very much. Hope to hear from you again soon!! Much love-Jess

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