Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pictures from Oct. 5, 2010

okay here goes the pictures again!!! the first pic is of me and my mtc comp Hermana Grow, she is darling huh... she just barely had to get her gallbladder out here!!! crazy huh. the next one is me and my little ecuadorian comp Hermana Alvarez and our foot long ponchos, hot dogs, there is literally someone vending them on every street corner. the next few i think are just me, one with my third busted umbrella, yehaw, uruguay knows how to rain and wind all at the same time that is for sure. one of my comp and her hillerious rain jacket, gotta love it. and the next are my favs with the cute fam of Paola and Richard, Jaque is on my left, Dameon behind her, and Juan on my right. arent they precious!!!!??? oh and then the last is just of Dameon and Jaque before their baptism.

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