Monday, September 20, 2010

September 13

well things here are going great, this last week was pretty rough for us but i couldnt have a better companion to have a rough week with. we are teaching some really amazing people but everything that you could imagine seemed to go wrong this week. i am starting to understand a ton more spanish and my companion can tell me what i dont pick up on which is exactly what i have been working and praying for but it is so hard to hear what is happening in some of these peoples lives and the trials they are going through. i feel so horrible and just want to fix everything for them but it is so out of my control. but on the flip side, its amazing to see the spiritulal comfort that they can recieve in these hard times. well i can tell ya a little story of a few things that happened this week. one of the guys that we have been teaching is named Guillermo, he is really amazing but unfortunately this week he told us that he is in a relationship with a married woman and her husbund does not know. we were really shocked at first when he told us but the lesson that we were able to have with him went really well. he feels really bad about his decisions but is lonely so we are trying to help him replace his relationship with this woman for a relationship with God.... a bit complicated but we are doing as much as we can. other than that we have also been teaching a really amazing woman named Cecelia who is a little spiritual powerhouse, my comp and i think she is a bit like a Uruguayan form of Whoopie Goldberg from sister act, she is so great and hilarious. anyway we went to pick her and her friend Ana Vela up for church on Sunday and Cecelia just starting crying and told us that they had absolutely no money to pay for anything to eat or pay the bills but within a little bit of time they decided to come to church with us. they really enjoyed church and felt comfort and peace from the messages that were shared. other than that we are still searchin for people to teach and looking to progress with the ones we have. we had a really great meeting with our ward mission leader this week and he was really positive towards the work we are doing in the area. he said that many ward members are impressed with us which just makes us so much more motivated to work hard, we have been working hard to re gain the trust of the ward so this was wonderful to hear.
we went to punta del este today which is i guess a little hidden treasure of the world. it was really rainy so we werent able to do much but it was really nice, i kind of felt like i was back in the states in vegas or something. i couldnt believe how uncomfortable i felt though!!!! i am so used to it here in little maldonaldo now that i was kind of a bit nervous being around that. i cant believe that there are areas of such great poverty like the area i live in and punta del este so close to eachother, its really crazy.
anyway i better go but i love you ever so much!! i forgot my little chuch magazine to leave ya with a little spiritual thought so i will have to give ya a really good one next week. but i love you to pieces and am excited to hear from you!!

P.S. P day is going to be next Wednesday

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