Monday, September 20, 2010

August 24

well i am actually in Montevideo again right now because we are doing changes, which means i have a new companion!! I am staying in my area in Moldonado and my trainer is leaving to go to Florida. My new companions name is Hermana Thompson and she is from good old Las Vegas. I just barely met her, she is quite a bundle of energy so that will be great for me. I think i have learned a ton having a Latin companion but I am really excited as well to have someone that I can fully understand for a bit. It should be just great, i dont think there is a better training for the future than companions, its definitely meshing two totally different worlds 24 7, the only time alone that you have is in the bathroom haha.
Another thing that this means with my companion leaving is that I get to train my companion in the area.... scary!!! I am supposed to know everything, how to get everywhere, all the people we are teaching...... oh boy. its really hard in my area because none of the houses have numbers. when someone is describing to you where they live they tell you the name of the street and then tell you about where their house is and 98 percent of the time they say the house is white.... hahaha so its a bit complicated to find anything. but nonetheless i think i know enough to get us a good start. my companion had 6 months in the area so everyone knows her WAY well and was really sad to see her go, i hope that i am able to fill her spot here.
So this is actually the second time this week I have been in Montevideo when i think of it. we had a zone conference with Elder Anderson who is one of the seventy of the church, he is a leader in the church that oversees the work in the church in different areas of the world. it was really great, I was able to understand most as well which helps... the spanish is coming.... its coming slowly but surely hehe. so that was definitely the highlight of my week. I was able to see my cute mtc comp hermana grow which seriously always makes my day, i miss her SO much!!!

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