Monday, July 12, 2010

July 8, 2010

hey hey famy-
guess what... you are probably getting sick of me doing the countdown but here it is... four days and i am off to the real deal. man am i excited. we leave on tuesday morning around 5 am... i am pumped. yesterday was our last full day of classes, today we have only one class left. tomorrow we have our ip´s or investigators all day, saturday proselyting, sunday church, monday packing and tests, and tuesday we are off off off!! so yes yes... here is my uruguay address for my mission home. you can send anything there, and i will also give you my address once i know where i am living.

Sister Jessica Lin Kubly
Uruguay Montevideo Mission
Horacio Quiroga 6350
11500 Montevideo Uruguay

Well i really dont have much to tell you this week. We went proselyting last Friday since Argentina was playing Germany in the world cup on Saturday (they lost by the way... no bueno... our teachers were not happy and we got the wrath... haha jk.) Its really crazy when they play in the games because we will be sitting in class studying and it is dead silent (all the teachers get to go into the president and his wife´s room and watch the game while we study haha) and all of a sudden you will just hear a roar of screaming and horns go off, not even in the building but in all of the neighborhoods that surround the building. you can literally count the score this way. we could tell that they lost because we didn´t hear much the entire time whereas with other games there would be guns and horns going off every so often. anyway so ya... back on topic. we went out friday and had a new area. it was quite different from our last area.
Love you Love you Love you! Ciao-Jess

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