Tuesday, July 20, 2010

July 13, 2010

I am now in Uruguay and oh my oh my, am I in for a huge change. Many different shocks at once but i will give you a run down so you can see just how the day went but first I have some new information for you. This is a bit of a change but the rules are actually a bit more tight here. I am only able to email my immediate family, meaning Jared I would really love it if you would continue to send out these emails to the list I gave you and please include Lori. I AM ONLY ALLOWED TO RECEIVE EMAILS FROM MY FAMILY AT THIS EMAIL ADDRESS... ALL OTHERS HAVE TO BE SENT TO: urumontemision@gmail.com and it needs to say HERMANA KUBLY in the subject line ( and yes that is only one s in mision) from here they will print them off and deliver them to me.... my companion just told me i need to type softer because the woman here at the tienda will get mad at me... oops. anyway so i guess this rule on mail is to help equality within the missionaries so those who get less mail and email do not feel bad, it will all work out, just a bit of a change, i will get to writing everyone back, it will take longer to get to you but i promise i will write you back. so please please pass on this email so that i can continue to abide by the rules, thank you tons for your love and help. i know it may seem a bit odd but it is all there for a reason. Oh and i get to write on Mondays, they are my preparation days so that will be your day to look forward to.

Anyways so we started our day at 4:40 this morning and got everything packed up and ready to go. It turns out they didnt allow enough time for all of us to check in and get to our gate so we were positive we were going to miss our flight, so one of the other hermanas and i ran ahead to the gate as soon as we got through customs and were amazed that they had delayed our flight 30 mins, just enough time to get the rest to the gate and take off. It was about a 40 minute flight and i had a nice little nap. we were picked up at the airport by the president and his wife and all of the missionaries that work in the presidents office. We all got on a big bus and headed for the mission home. When we got there we met with several other missionaries that we were to be assigned to later as our trainers. There was only 1 english speaking sister there out of the four so we knew one of the two of us that only speaks english was in for a big change. We went in and had interviews with the president after lunch, very short and sweet but i was able to tell him a little bit about you. Anyways a bit later after we filled out some paperwork and a letter that we wrote to ourselves to read after our missions we were assigned to our trainers. my companion went first and was assigned to the english speaking hermana so i knew i was in for a big change. my new companion is hermana alvarez and she is from quito, ecuador. i was thrilled to hear this because Beth was in this part of Ecuador working in orphanges for a while so i immediately felt a bond to her. she is amazingly sweet... and doesnt speak any english, but this will be so amazing for me to learn the language. every missionary that talked to me about her said that she is awesome and i can tell. anyways shortly after this we all got on a bus and headed to the big bus station where all the busses leave from and we all took off to our different areas from there. My area is call Maldonado and it is very close to Punta Del Este, but this is not in our area. It was about a two hour bus ride and our two zone leaders were with us on the bus, they were both awesome and so so happy to be here which made me hopeful since i have never been so overwhelmed in my life haha. Well we threw my bags in our room and are off to work after i send this off. It is freezing cold, and unfortunately we dont have heat and they gave me a very thin blanket... so i am hoping that and the little one i brought will do. looks like i will be bundling for bed, mittens and all. We are right close to the coast so there is a ton of humidity and it is raining right now.

Wow anyway thats pretty much it for now. We are off to work for the rest of the night. Mama i read your bookmark you gave me regularly and it will take on a new meaning everyday.... let faith replace fear.... I know that i now more than ever need to depend on the Lord to get me through. Cant wait to hear from you all and share this with you all, i love you all and am so greatful for your support and letters

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