Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Update from June 4

Hola!! Sorry this is coming a day late, the internet was out yesterday so we were unable to do our emailing. I am hoping everything is going good at home.
Its official it has been three weeks!!! My newest food of the week was pig intestine, sad to say but it actually was really good haha. Oh and they eat halls cough drops here as candy... yuck. I have been told that i look a bit like a chia pet here, you know those ceramic animals that grow plants out of them, my curly hair is outta control and the plugs here are not the same as the states so i am all natural, yehaw. This week the first group of latinos and two of the Americans left the CCM so there were only sixteen of us here for 2 and a half days. Hermana Bowers and Hermana Quartino who were mine and my companions room mates left. It was really sad saying goodbye to them!! We miss them already but Hermana Bowers is serving in Montevideo too so we will be seeing her in six weeks! While Hermana Quartino was here she found out that her dad´s health complications from his stroke had gotten out of control so they were going to take him off life support. The way she took the news was incredible, she had a hard time for a bit, just being here helped her so much.
My companion and I had a mock lesson called an IPE with our teacher last week and it was really exciting because we got really positive feedback! We went out proselyting again on Saturday. Wow, we thought that is was going to get easier but we were both having a really hard time getting out of our shells at first not to mention it was dumping, and i mean DUMPING rain. We had a pretty amazing experience that helped us to get going, after that we talked to everyone that we saw... pretty much whether they wanted to hear what we had to say or not. People here either want nothing to do with you or are quite sweet and understanding, its all a matter of sticking your hand out half way down the block and yelling hola- then hopĂ­ng they dont run away. We ran into a guy that thought we spoke german as our primary language, he was a bit disappointed when he found out we didnt. But we were just really excited that we are gaining the confidence to talk to random people, we know we couldnt do it alone though. I am so happy that we get this experience every week, not many missionaries get this opportunity this early on in their missions. I hope it will help me once i get to Uruguay.
Sundays here are the best, I have never enjoyed church so much, especially since i can relate every talk that is given to something i need to work on and my relationship with Heavenly Father. Plus it is so nice to have a little break from classes of course, haha. Our relief society class is taught by the presidents wife, with just my companion and i so it is so fun, she loves to talk, this last week our class went over by a half an hour, but she is amazing and it is so fun to just soak in everything she says.
you to pieces- Jess

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