Sunday, June 20, 2010

June 17, 2010

Well as for a little MTC update there has actually been alot this week!! Argentina played in the world cup on Saturday so we werent allowed to go out and do our usual going out that day. People close down every shop in the entire city to watch the games, this country revolves around soccer, so we pretty much wouldnt have had anyone to talk to. But... we go to go out on Friday instead!! About an hour into our day we ran into the sister missionaries that are serving in the area and we ended up going around with them for a couple of hours. That made me SOOOO excited to get to uruguay. it was so amazing. we actually go to an appointment with a man named Luciano. Oh i wish i could have teleported you here to experience it, it was awesome!! This man lives an extremely humble life, in basically a shack with celophane windows and cement floors. his whole house was no bigger than the size of our old living room. he was the stinkin cutest old man, we sat down with him on these old chairs and the sisters just started talking away. one of the sisters, sister daniels, went to alta high and we actually know alot of the same people. anyway we were able to sit in on the lesson and then got to bare our testimonies at the end. it was such a cool opportunity. i was excited because i actually understood the whole lesson. what we didnt understand sister daniels would translate. she told us how much luciano loved having us there and that we brought a wonderful feeling to his home, which was really exciting to hear. ah i am just so excited to get out there and be able to have my own lucianos that i get to grow to love and teach gospel to.
It really has been a big week! as i told you last week, Elder Andersen came to speak on Tuesday. I think this may have been one of the coolest experiences ever. We were all able to personally meet him and introduce ourselves. He came and shook my hand and the area president was behind him ready to shake my hand, but i was so in awe that i kept looking at Elder Anderson until i heard ´´uh hermana,´´ embarrassing. i totally forgot that he was right behind him and was just staring at Elder Anderson.... oops. Anyway it was really amazing because he was able to just speak on missionary work and i felt like every word he had to say was directed at me. he talked about the hard times we will encounter on our missions but of how much a blessing these times will be because we will turn to God for peace and comfort more than ever. Gosh i am so excited! Anyway i wish you could just experience this all with me but no worries i will talk your ear off when i get home.
Anyway so i told the cook earlier this week that my birthday was on the 29th and he is just the best, he made me a HUGE cake and everyone sang happy birthday.... i think he thought i was leaving with the group that leaves tuesday.... haha oh well.... that just means more cake! His postres that he makes are seriously to die for... SO good. i could eat them all day... so anyway after that i was fixing my hair and found a gray hair... Happy Birthday to me, im gettin old. I know that gray hair would have been pulled out a long time ago if Beth was around, she seems to always find them for me and then attacks them.
So as of this coming tuesday we will be the oldest group at the MTC with three weeks left!! yahoo! i am going to miss it here though thats for sure. i love being around these people everyday and have gotten really comfortable with them.
Well that´s about it. One of my favorite scriptures of the week is John 16:33. Read it if you get a chance, i love it. It has such simplicity to it but is so powerful. Love-Jess

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  1. Hi Jess!
    I'm also in one of the Buenos Aires apartments and everybody in the country is thinking about soccer and the World Cup...
    When the Argentine team plays, the city stops working because everybody is watching the game.
    It's very nice to see that all the people support their team in that way.