Tuesday, May 25, 2010

She has arrived!

This is the first email from Jess the day she arrived in Argentina!

its me and i am here in argentina safe and sound. man this has already been so weird, i was feeling like throwing up out of nervousness until my companion and i met another sister we are rooming with that has already been here for six weeks. it helps alot to talk to her, i feel like i will be able to handle it. just gotta take it day by day. my companions name is sister grow, she is a nice chica. there are only three american/english speaking sisters at this mtc... this is going to be quite the adventure. this is going to be the biggest crash course for spanish, i am already completely surrounded by the language. the sister missionaries across the hall are latinos and my companion and i tried to have a conversation with them... it was way funny, we were all just laughing because they couldn´t understand us and we couldn´t understand them... so to make a peace offering i brought my heeps of candy into the hallway and just said "carmellos?" after using my handy translator to find how to say candy... they all jumped at the opportunity, i guess american candy is a delicacy here??? sister bowers, the other one that is rooming with my companion and i told me to never offer up my candy anymore... must be a pretty precious comodity.
ill give ya a little run down of what has gone on thus far. i was able to sit next to a guy in the sl airport that was on his way to afghanistan, what a cool dude, he was leaving his wife, one year old, and brand new baby to go off for about 8 months. we had a nice little chat... he showed me pictures of his family and told me a bit about his position as a specialist in the army. he was not quite sure what missionaries were and when he asked the elders about our tags i had practice my skills (or lack thereof) for the first time. on the plane ride from sl to dallas i rode next to elder jackson. he is way nice, we chatted for a bit and then my sleep deprivation caught up with me and i wiped out for a bit. when we got to dallas we had a few hours to kill so we went on their tram thing that takes you around the massive airport. after that we all went to make a few last calls to family and friends. we met up with my companion, sister grow, and ran into a woman from dallas who had just been baptized in april. oh man was i excited to talk to her, she was amazing and was so excited to run into missionaries. she was an amazing woman and an example to me right off, super strong and excited about her new amazing step in life. oh man i have ten minutes left.... ahhhhh okay.
so we got to argentina and my girl skills of packing massively heavy were no good, had to have the elders help me out quite a bit. we met up with our driver, who did not speak an ounce of english and had to finally figure out that we each needed 150 pesos. then finally we were off to the mtc. we arrived like 5 minutes later with the buenos aires temple out front... almost completely destroyed since it is under large amounts of construction. this place looks like a mental institution from the outside... it is SOOO small!!! there are no more than 50 missionaries in the entire mtc. which will be bomb though. hopefully i can learn that much faster. well i am going to make it no doubt!! dont know if i will be able to email anymore but i wanted to get you my email address so you can have it and i can write you back. love you all and thank you for being my support and strength in getting to this point, i am going to give it my all. much love- hermana koobs

by the way thursday is my p day for writing!

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