Saturday, March 13, 2010

U-ger-ey Mon-tee-ve-di-o!

So here it goes... my first blog. Last Saturday I received my mission call! It was quite the day, my dad called me around 8 pm to tell me there was a letter for Sister Jessica Lin Kubly sitting at the house. As my dad and I discussed the dimensions of the package it was confirmed, it had to be my call. This was quite a shock since never have I ever heard of a call coming on a Saturday. I was babysitting, the usual Saturday night routine for the past ten years, so I threw Mimi in the car and we ran to my parents house to get it. We decided to go to Kayley's house and stare at the white envelope for several hours while we guessed where I was going to be called to based off of the thickness of the letter. Thin package=state side apparently. I shot out a few texts to friends to tell them to gather at my parents house the next night for the grand opening

... and the wait began...

Finally Sunday night came after a llloooonnnnggg day. My cute mama was so sweet and had compiled an assortment of treats together for the guests. The time came to open the call. With my little Libby and Frankie in my lap we opened the letter. I wanted Libby to read the letter because I thought it would be great for her to feel like she has an important part in what is going on... but mostly because I could barely spit out a nervous sentence let alone read an entire call. She did such an amazing job... and then came the country and city, "U-ger-ey Mon-tee-ve-di-o," she said as everyone shot out "what?" and "where?" As i grabbed the call I could barely pronounce it myself but there it was. Uruguay Montevideo. Wow. I honestly couldn't have been happier. I was definitely prepared for anything but was very excited about this!

So it turns out I will be reporting to the Argentina MTC on May 13th and will be learning the Spanish language. I really can't even express how excited I am about my upcoming year and a half. I feel so much love for the people of Uruguay already and am so excited to be put to work, spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ and sharing the happiness that it has brought to my life.

This is the beginning to my journey. Hope you all enjoy the updates that Beth will be submitting for me. Thank you for your love and support!

Click below to view the opening of the call:


  1. so happy for you jess... let us know when your farewell is and we'll be there fo sho

  2. I love that you have a blog! My husband went to Paraguay, so neighbor I guess? You are so cute, good luck!

  3. i didn't know you had a blog! but i'm glad you do! will you be able to keep it updated on your mish?