Tuesday, May 25, 2010

First week update!

Jessica is not allowed to email anyone but family, but she can receive emails and write you back by hand. Her email address is jessica.kubly@myldsmail.net. Here is the second email that her brother Jared forwarded to the group.

okay so here goes a little update!!! wow its been a whole week here already.. i can barely believe it... the days all just kind of smash together since they are all pretty much the same. the typical day is: wake up, eat, study, class, eat, class, run, study, class, eat, class, plan.... haha over and over again but i am really liking it!! mama and poppy you would be thrilled at how well i am doing with studying, i have never been more excited to learn in my life. the spanish is actually coming really welll so far, they speak in castillano here and in uruguay which makes the ll sound like sh, so that is the way that we are learning the language. i think i have learned as much as i did in four years at school over this first week. there are about 30 latinos here and about 16 americans... we dont understand them and they dont understand us but that makes it even more perfect for practive!!! every teacher here is from south america as well and about 90 percent of our classes are spoken in spanish.... its basically like pushing you off the plank and hoping you can swim haha. this place is just like a big three story house, you see everyone every day and everybody is pretty close. there are only three of us english speaking sisters here and five spanish. i get along with them all great so that is a definite perk!!! my companions name is hermana grow. she is from peoria arizona and is a theatre major. i couldnt have been put with someone more opposite but having here has been such a blessing so far. we are both learning that we need to do everything that we can to make each others time here effective and enjoyable. we have quickly learned how to help eachother. we definitely dont see eye to eye on everything, but we have focused on letting those little things go. i was worried that i wouldnt have a chance to run if i had a companion who didnt share the same interests. i let hermana grow know that that was important to me. and like the champ that she is she said that we can go out in the field everyday during exercise time and she will walk while i run. it has been perfect. she takes our grammer book and i take flash cards, when i catch up to her she teaches me a new phrase each lap and i teach her new vocabulary. it has been so great and i love having her as my companion. being with her teaches me so much everyday. she is dedicated and a wonderful example, we learn well together as well.
there are 7 total people in my district or class. elders baxter, moffitt, jackson, mcclellan and jarvis. what stellar guys. they are so sweet to my companion and i. they are so fun to be in a district with and we are all getting to know eachother really well. they are definitely 19 year old boys if you know what i mean. it has been amazing to see them grow in their testimonies in even just one week. they really are stellar and im stoked to serve with them. they are quickly becoming such examples to me. maybe this is standard but when we have meetings with our zone or several districts all the elders stand when the sisters come in the room... kind of makes me want to walk in and out of the room again and again... hahah make me feel important.
my mtc presidents are amazing, i get to chat with them almost everyday. they are wonderful, it kind of like living with grandparents.
well anyway i have three minutes left. i am so happy to be here. this place is kind of like a bubble from the outside world. you can see cars drive by and hear people working outside but it is almost like totally different zone here, the feeling is amazing and the teachings are even more amazing. the more i learn, the more i love the gospel of Christ. i cannot tell you how much they emphasize the fact that you must first love the people and understand their needs, they truly want everything we do and think to be centered around Gods children. our purpose is to teach all of Gods children the plan that he has for them. it truly is a plan of happiness. i know that we have the opportunity to live with our families again and to return to live with our Heavenly Father. we must care about each person as an individual as Christ does. well i gotta run. i love you very very much!!! mama i love you forever ill keep you for always, hope you are feeling okay, please update me on everything. everyone please let me know how your life is and what is going on! love you everyone!! -jess

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