Monday, January 31, 2011

January 17, 2011

hey there-
well i am doing really well, i am going to add a few pictures in with this. we went to write our letters on the beach this morning and it was really beautiful!!! dont know if i ever told you that our house is only about three blocks from the beach!!! but this was my first time to actually be on the beach since i arrived in salinas. we really cant do anything but it was nice to sit there and enjoy the ocean!! ahhh i would love to live near the ocean some day and get to run on the beach every morning!!!! well here are a couple pics from this morning. my comp tried to take a jumping pic of me but didnt really work out haha, so thought it might be kind of entertaining even thought i look ridiculous. well actually looks like the pictures arent going to work... i dunno we will see.
this last week was good, i actually hit 8 months.... wow feels like i just told you that i hit 7, time is speeding by. nothing super exciting happened. we have a really amazing woman we are teaching that is named Flor, she actually came to church yesterday which was really exciting!!! it is always a bit uncomfortable for people the first couple of times but she did really well and seemed to really enjoy it and was really interested. she also told us that she had been looking on the church website and really loved it so we were really excited and happy for her! along with her we have still been teaching vanessa, she is the girl that is 16 with her cute two year old daughter. this week we were able to teach her and her 15 year old sister gisel. when we first got to her house she came out to the gate to let us in and was smoking, and then passed off the cigarette to her sister. made me really sad but it is really common here, there are no laws that stop even little kids from buying cigarettes or alcohol so its a huge problem. we see kids that are as young as 10 or 11 with cigarettes and drinking and they get addicted really young. but other than that our last lesson with them was great, they were super engaged and had tons of questions which is rare for kids their age with religion, so we are excited for them.

well ah this is a bit short this computer is acting weird so sorry, more to come next week. i love you tons and hope that you are doing wonderfully!!!! -jess

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