Tuesday, January 4, 2011

December 28, 2010

hey there-

welll like i told you i would be in tres cruses in montevideo today here i am to enter into my 5th change of the mission!!! man the time really flies, feels like i was just here. really my new companion and i didnt need to come because we already live in the same house but wanted to come and see everyone and its only like a 40 min bus ride. so ya!!! my new companion is Hermana Enamorado, her and her comp and me and my comp lived together but they are combining our two areas together and there will only be the two of us and not four in our ward now.... remember how i told you the area was super huge, ya it just doubled. and poor girl doesnt know how to ride a bike.... so i will try to teach her but we will see how that goes haha. but yes so its just the two of us in good old Salinas now. She is really great!!! I was able to do intercambios with her once this past change and we worked together really well, i admire her alot, she is a great missionary. so ya, i am stoked, we already get along great and teach together really well. so ya that is the newest segment of my life her in the mission.

not much else has changed since i talked to you, still clapping lots of houses. we found some really great people this last week that we are going to visit for a second time this week. its amazing how many people here have no belief in God whatsoever, starting from point a is a bit rough. i cant believe some of the trials people have here, they are truly faced with things that i dont think i could handle.

ah i wanted to tell you some really great nicknames that i have been given. there is a family here that well i cant really describe in words, they are so great!!! the dad´s name is nacional, after one of the soccer teams here and man, he eats, sleeps, and lives by this soccer team. their house is even painted with the team colors and their house is completely decorated with news paper articles, flags, whatever thing really that represent the teams.... fanatics you would call them. anyway long story short they are a family that is really great with all the missionaries, the first time they met me they couldnt figure out how to say my name so i have the permanent name of Hermana Kiwi. Another great one is of the four year old son of a convert family here that we spend alot of time with, he calls me hermana cookey. but then again he also calls a torta a tonta, or instead of cake, stupid. hahaha he is so cute he always chases after us when we leave saying ¨otro beso!!!!¨ until we have given him about ten each ( no worries these are cheek kisses haha) but ya love the people in Salinas, i am still adapting but it is all coming.

THANK YOU so much for your christmas packages, really was so special to receive them and i will put everything to good use!!!! i got a really special package from beth as well, i told you about the gingerbread house that my comp and i built but she also had a bunch of friends write little messages and put it together in a binder, it really was so special and made me so happy, really was so nice to hear so many words of encouragment and love. so i know they will see this eventually so i want to say THANK YOU and I LOVE YOU ALL!!! really you dont know how much it touched my heart and made me feel so happy and loved. I am truly blessed with the most amazing friends and family.

i just barely sent off with an elder, last name thorderson, that will be going home to slc tomorrow, something little for you mom and dad. he has moms cell number and can probably take it to dad´s office or something. let me know when it gets to you.

well sorry this isnt very interesting but i dont have a ton since i just talked to you dont want to bore you!!! but i love you so so so so so so so so so much and i am so happy that you all sound like you are doing so well. take care and know that i love you and you are always in my heart, thoughts, and prayers. much much love- jess

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