Tuesday, November 16, 2010

November 1, 2010


well I have exciting news.... well for me anyway!! My comp and i had to get up at five to come to Montevideo this morning so i could sign my visa papers, finally, and we were being really quite getting ready because there are two other hermanas living in our house, dunno if i told you that or not, but anyway when we left she was like i wanted to tell you something but i didnt want you to scream while the hermanas were still asleep but you were SLEEP TALKING IN SPANISH!!!! and but of course i screamed because i was really excited!!! exciting huh!!??? and she said that what i was saying actually made sense haha. one step in the right direction i guess!!! haha so ya that was really exciting.

we had a really great week once again and were able to have Cristina´s baptism, it was so special and she was so so happy. she was really nervous that something was going to go wrong again with the baptismal font and said that she was going to take that as a sign that it wasnt supposed to happen if it fell through again haha, so we checked on the font probably five times during the day to make sure it was actually filling this time. i will send some more pictures next week, we are in montevideo right now so i cant hook up my camera

my comp and i are teaching this really amazing new family that is adorable!! they are a young couple that is married (which is really rare here) and they have four kids. They are so so sweet, they just moved into our area. We have only taught them once but ill let ya know more. They have two little little girls that remind me of my murd girls, man i miss them!!

we are still teaching those three women Gloria, Estella, and Karin. We had the most amazing lesson with Karin and she said an amazing prayer at the end of our lesson. She is a really great mom and really wants to make a great family for her son.

well i wanna tell you more but our bus for Maldonado is leaving in like ten minutes!!! But i love you so so much and look forward to hearin from you next week!!!!

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