Thursday, December 2, 2010

November 30, 2010

hey there!!!!
i cant thank you enough for the emails... my companion hasnt received an email from her parents in over a month now so i feel extremely blessed. thank you for your love and support.
ahh i cant believe how much it is snowing there!!! that is so nuts!!! enjoy it!! i hope thanksgiving was wonderful, i totally forgot that it was thanksgiving until my old comp sent me a message, haha, but i live with three latinas so they didnt know either. hope you ate enough candied yams to last you till next year... that is one of the first things i want, marshmallows dont exist here!!!! poppy thanks so much for doing the shopping, you are a dad with a fashion sense, blessing in disguise. i am a bit worried that you said you bought pumps though... that means with heals and we walk all day but i am sure everything will be just fine. you are the best!!!!! im sorry you didnt find the backpack and bought a new one!!! well you are definitely going to make my companions christmas, i am not sure she will get anything so you are going to put a huge smile on her face. i am so greatful to be here for that very reason though, to be able to teach people that this life is just preparation to meet our Heavenly Father, there is a great plan for him. thanks so much for everything!!! hey only 25 more days till we can talk on the phone!!!!! yeeehawwww!!!! oh i didnt tell you, katie taylor (baker) is pregnant with a baby boy!!!! just got the final news that it is a boy, so if you see her give her a huge hug for me....dont know that that will happen but just wanted to share the good news with you, that i will be an auntie in a few months.... hehe.

well where to start.... i really feel like i have stepped into europe... who new that one country could carry so many different types of people, varying the missionary work alot. this area is really hard, really slow. its hard to not really be able to see the fruits when i feel like i am working so hard, i know everything will come, its just a matter of being patient. most people in my other area believed in God in one way or another, but here i would say the majority are athesit and have no interest in what we have to say. the Lord sure stretches us throughout our missions, every area and every companion bring something new to our lives, something we need to learn, and ways to grow and change. one of my favorite scriptures states that the Lord gives unto us our weaknesses so that we can be humble, and through the Lords help he can make our weaknesses into our strengths. i know this is possible if we put our trust in the Lord. haha i thought before the mission that i was a patient person... i had no idea what patience is!! i still dont but i am learning slowly but surely... its all a matter of patience.
we did find a woman this last week named Luisa while walking in the street. she recently lost her husbund due to bone cancer and her daughter last year due to a flu. we have been teaching her this past week and poor thing she is really a wreck. when we met her we asked her if she believed in God, she started crying and answered more or less and then told us what had just happend. we shared a bit with her and then met up with her at her house a few days later. she has been doing better but is in a really difficult time in her life right now. ill keep ya updated on how she is doing.
well i love you to pieces. attached are some pics!!!! i cant remember the order but are of some families i taught in my last area, a few members, the baptism of the Izaguirre family, me and Juan, and me and my comp... oh we have bikes finally!!!! i fixed mine because it was busted.... expensive. one petal, brakes dont work, sounds like its gonna fall apart when i ride it but oh man i have never been happier to have a crappy bike before, i cant even explain how huge this area is. (dont worry about the brakes... since i know you will... i am really careful and always wear my helmet and ride at snail speed) love you, talk to you next week!! muah!!!! -jess

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