Monday, August 2, 2010

Update from July 26

When i was reading them today at the bus stop for a second i thought i was at home and then put down my paper and realized i am in Uruguay haha, quite the shocker. Also, i gave you the wrong one last time so here it is again, the subject has to be HERMANA KUBLY AND THE ADDRESS IS URUMONTEMISSION@GMAIL.COM so sorry it is actually two ¨ss¨ in mission. I am working on writing everyone back by snail mail but remember that it will take about a month to get there now that i dont have pouch.
Anyway my second week in Uruguay, here it goes, i am going to try and reaccount as much as i can haha. Its freezing and humid which has been really interesting. I definitely havent ever felt a cold like this where your bones are literally cold all the time and you always feel wet. I have resorted to carring around my hot water bottle everywhere we go in my jacket, everyone thinks its pretty funny but oh man i love them. every few houses we are at someone will offer to boil some new water to put in it which is amazing and usually i am able to keep some warm water in it. Its crazy how much i now appreciate the dry weather of utah... santa baca this is cold!!
The language is coming... slowly but surely. I dont reallly feel like i am improving but every now and then someone will compliment me which helps me to truck along and feel like im making progress. in one of our lessons this past week the girl we were teaching just broke down laughing at me, what can i say i would probably laugh at me too but it was a bit of a slap in the face haha. but i guess this is what comes with learning a new language. its really weird because i will ask my companion to translate what people say becasue i can understand almost everything she says but not much of what other people say, even though she only speaks spanish too.
Earlier this week was a bit rough, we had alot of people that bailed on lessons so we were making up for this time by contacting people. My companion would sneakily sneak off when i was clapping a gate and leave me to do it on my own... oh my intimidating. but good for me. We were able to find a few people who were sincerely interested in hearing about how the gospel of Jesus Christ can bless their lives and were able to make a few appointments. One of them was with a woman who is 21 and has a brand new baby. She lives in one of the little Kioskos here, there are like three every block, anyway it was wonderful, she truly had interest in how the gospel can bless her new family. We have had a few people that we have been teaching come to church on sunday which was amazing becasue most people say they will come and never do. It was a wonderful Sunday for them to come because the new temple president and his wife spoke. My favorite lesson this week was with a family that has five children and they live in a tiny tiny little house. They are wonderful and lessons are so great with them. Their children are always so anxiously engaged and eager to learn. We made alfajores, they are like a pastry of sorts that everyone eats here, but you buy them everywhere. We made home made ones with thier kids and it was so fun. there where little hands flying everywhere trying to help and they were so fun to be with.
I dont know if i have told you this yet but we have an awesome service opportunity we get to do here. I guess that the president has an organization set up to help those who are in poverty in our area. There is a huge scape of land right behind us that they are building hundreds of homes in and if the people help a certain amount of hours with pouring the cement for the houses they recieve one of the homes for themselves. Since many of the people are working to provide for their families they are unable to get their hours in and so we are able to do the hours for them and they get hours per person that helps. So once a month we get to help build houses which I am so so excited for. They did it last week but we were unable to go because we had appointments.
AHHH anyways my thoughts are so scattered it is hard to write everything so this is just a itty bitty preview. I get pretty lonely not being able to communicate well with anyone so its been a bit rough but i know that I am never alone. I was reading in Matthew:5 about the Sermon on the mount and this chapter always really helps me to endure through the hard times, please give it a read, I know that this has been such strength to me when i stand in need of comfort. I know that everything we endure through in this life is for our good and in preparation for us to be with our Heavenly Father. I am so greatful to have the knowledge the gospel of Christ in my life and am so eager to see it change the lives of those it touches. I have already seen so many families here that have been touched by its message and the comfort it brings. Anyway i gotta run. I love you so so so so so so much and miss you. Love you, think about you, and pray for you always- Jess

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